Audiobook Review: Steal the Dragon (Sianim #2) by Patricia Briggs (Narrator: Jennifer James Bradshaw)

Steal the Dragon - Patricia Briggs

 Steal the Dragon
 Sianim #2
 Patricia Briggs (Narrator: Jennifer James Bradshaw)
 Epic Fantasy
 Penguin Audio
 December 6, 2011
 9 hours and 28 minutes


Patricia Briggs' "unique" (Kliatt) novel of a slave, swordwielder, and spy gets a second life with an exciting new package to attract the fans that made her Mercy Thompson novels bestsellers.



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Steal the Dragon is book two in the Sianim series by Patricia Briggs and narrated by Jennifer James Bradshaw. This one is very intense, deep, and exciting. It’s filled with wizards, mages, and spies. 


I want to get out of the way; dragon. The dragon in the title is miss leading. Their is one appearance in a dream of a dragon, but there are no dragons in this book. 


Now, I loved book one and four in this series. Both those books focus on Aralorn who is an interesting character, but in Steal the Dragon we get different characters in the same world just a different part of the world. The only common thing is the mercenary guild. 


This novel reads as a stand-alone. You don’t have to read in order as you can see I read books one and then jumped to four and then came back for two. 


Rialla is a former dancer/slave who is asked to return to the land of her slavery on an important mission for the Spymaster of the mercenary guild. She does this, but it’s not easy for her. Has she really left slavery behind her, even though she’s found her way to the mercenary guild and a new life. I felt for our lead and what she’s trying to do and all that she had to go through to complete the mission/goal. 


Things don’t go as planed and Laeth her slaver spy partner is accused of murder. She ends up finding help in an unexpected place. Tris our healer is more then he seams. He’s not quite human. He helps Rialla and Laeth. With Laeth on his way back to the mercenary guild with part of the information, Tris and Rialla stay behind to find the real killer, which puts her in her former owner’s clutches again.


There is slavery and all that that entails. It was hard to listen to the scenes of abuse and rape. Rillalla’s internal conflict is intense and well done. Tris was a nice love interest, tho the focus is the mission with love blooming slowly. I like that they solve their issues with brain power rather then muscle power and even at times running away.


Steal the Dragon is a sneaky chess game with skill and strategy. The storytelling is vivid and outstanding. 


Narration: Jennifer James Bradshaw does a wonderful job! I’m glad I listened. It made the story move along and brought out the hardships and issues these characters face. I like how vivid the different voices are for everyone and it felt like the story was coming off the pages. 


Rated: 4 Stars


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