Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Bought Because They Were On Sale

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Well since the spread of COVID-19.  Many books have popped up ON SALE.  I love grabbing ebooks at a discount; especially if I’ve had my eye on them.  The covers don’t hurt too in drawing me in.  Some I’ve read on KU others I’ve not read yet, but just couldn’t help picking up the ebooks; because of the DEAL. 


Todays Topic – April 7: Books I Bought/Borrowed Because… (Fill in the blank. You can do 10 books you bought for the same reason, i.e., pretty cover, recommended by a friend, blurbed by a favorite authors, etc. OR you could do a different reason for each pick.)

Latest books I’ve bought at a discount during February – April 2020:


The Dragon of New Orleans I’ve featured this book and all the others in the series on the blog. Many have recommenced the series and I’m a big fan of dragons, so when book 1 popped up for sale for $.99c I grabbed it. 



Wild Hunt Series – Book 1 The Silver Stag is FREE and I saw that Book’s 2 & 3 where on sale for $0.99c, so I deiced to grab them. I’ve not read book 1, but if I do end up enjoying the book and want to read on I’ve already got two and three in my kindle. 



Sinister Magic – I read this in KU and was blown away. It was amazing that I knew I’d read it again, so I grabbed the book on sale for $.99c. I’ve also bought the rest of this series that is out, but those books aren’t on sale.



Elizabeth’s Wolf – I’ve read this one a few times from my library, but when it came up on sale for $1.99 I grabbed it. It’s one of my favorites in the Breed series by Lora Leigh.




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