Movie Review: Frozen II (2019)


I went to see Frozen II over winter break in the theater with my 8-year-old son.  


We had a blast! The sequel is a charming musical showing the power of sisterhood, empowerment, love, and acceptance. In a way it’s an origin story for Elsa. 


I loved that we got to learn about Elsa and Anna’s parents. The magic forest was magical. The musical score is so much fun. It’s got all the wonderful characters as the first plus introducing us to new ones. I also liked how they show Elsa in one scene singing Let It Go” and she cringes at past self. It’s got a lot of sub-things that Adults will pick up on.


My son loved the movie. He was glued to the screen and so was I. I feel it’s better than the first movie. 


Overall, Frozon II is well worth seeing in theater or out. It’s a lot fun for all ages.