Cat Tats: A Jane Yellowrock Story

Cat Tats: A Jane Yellowrock Story - Faith Hunter, Khristine Hvam
** Read in [b:Cat Tales|11082349|Cat Tales (Jane Yellowrock, #3.5)|Faith Hunter||16003996].

— Cat Tats #0.4

This one we get a backstory on Rick LaFleur who we meet in book one, [b:Skinwalker|5585788|Skinwalker (Jane Yellowrock, #1)|Faith Hunter||5757031].

Rick has gotten himself into trouble for chasing tail. What a surprise!!!

In Cat Tats we get Rick’s POV, learn how he got his tattoo’s, and who he’s related too. It was interesting to see how he got his cat tats and that they, Rick and Jane, where fated to cross paths. Their is a lot of pain that Rick goes through in this one.

Cat Tats was enjoyable. Fans will like the backstory on Rick and that fate was preparing him.

Rated: 3 Stars