A Tale Of Two Dragons

A Tale Of Two Dragons - G.A. Aiken I love this series! I have been a fan of G.A. Akien/Shelly Laurenston from the first book I read “The Dragon Who Lived Me” in her (Dragon Kin) series. I then had to start from the first book “Dragon Actually”; because I wanted more Sexy Smart Talking Dragons and the women whom complement them.

"A Tale Of Two Dragons" was so much fun to read. I loved learning about the aunts and uncles of the Dragon Kin family. It is great to see how they become mated.
This story is about Addolgar the Cheerful Bercelak’s elder brother and Braith of the Darkness. It's filled with action, danger, and smoking hot romance. In true Aiken fashion, the storyline is awash in humor, sarcasm, witty rhetoric and the distinctive voice of the Cadwaladr Clan.

I will never get enough of this series. I love learning about the Cadwaladr Clan. If you are looking for a Dragon series I recommend trying this one out. Aiken knows how to keep her readers entertained.