TTT: Books I Really Liked, but Can’t Remember

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Todays Topic on January 23: Books I Really Liked, but Can’t Remember Anything/Much About 



Well I keep several different kinds of favorites shelves on Goodreads. Looking through my shelves, here are the titles that got 4 stars or more. The ones I really liked, but now that I’m doing this post I can’t really remember much about the books. It’s kinda sad that I can’t remember much, but when you read a lot of books, it’s going to happen.


Favorite Aliens


  • Dangerously His
  • There’s Snow Escape




Favorite Angel


  • Angel Kin
  • Angel Lover
  • Shadow Fall




Favorite Contemporary Romance


  • Moving to Love read it as Dog Days of Summer
  • Outback Princess read it as Misplaced Princess
  • Ravenous




Favorite Demons


  • All of the Lords of the Underworld. I read them so long ago and I still need to get caught up on the books, but I don’t remember them even though I loved them.


Favorite Dragons


  • Ashes of War
  • The Fate of Her Dragon
  • Fighting for her Dragon
  • Tempted by Fire




Favorite Magic


  • Blood Magic
  • Liquid Fire
  • Carnal Magic
  • Temptation by Fire
  • Alejandro’s Sorceress




Favorite Vampires


  • Passion Awakened
  • The Undead in My Bed
  • Pool of Crimson
  • Embrace The Darkness – Guardians of Eternity series. I don’t remember much of anything in any of the books and I read them all. 
  • Atlantis Rising




What books did you like, but can’t remember anything/much about?
I’s love to hear from you.




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