Review: Dreams of a Wild Heart (Dreamwalkers #3) by Danube Adele

Dreams of a Wild Heart (Dreamwalkers) - Danube Adele

 ~ 5 Wild Heart Stars ~


Dreams of a Wild Heart is book three in the Dreamwalkers series by Danube Adele. I have enjoyed each book and look forward to more stores in this series. 


Ceci is a strong independent women with an overbearing family. She lost her first love and has never really gotten over it. I liked her. Her strong personality, the character growth she goes through to finally let go of the first love, and find something more in life. 


Tabron is a warrior, an alpha male who reassembles a Viking. He fights for his kingdom, but his loyalties are misplaced and he will learn this. He also has no desire for a mate and when Ceci comes into his life, he is not sure what to do or make of his attraction to her. I liked him. His ability to work through his personal issues and the character growth where well done.


WOW what a start. I love when a book catches me right from the start and pulls me fully into the story. This book was intense and emotional. Many things are at play. I absolutely loved seeing and learning about the Brausa Kingdom. We finally get to see this Kingdom, the people in it, the man who is currently ruling and the differences between classes. It has a mid-evil feel to the Kingdom. We get deeper into the plot, corruption, and plans are in place for the rightful king to come back. The relationship between Ceci and Tabron was well done. They both have issues to over come and you can feel the changes in them as they grow closer together. The sexual tension is unreal and the sex hot. 


Another great read in the Dreamwalkers series. I was pulled in and could not put it down. If you enjoy Sci-Fi Romance then I suggest giving this series a try. The characters, world, and plot are all well done and I have fallen in love with it all.


Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy free of charge from the author with the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.


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