Review: Stitches and Witches (Vampire Knitting Club #2) by Nancy Warren

Stitches and Witches - Nancy Warren
Stitches and Witches
Vampire Knitting Club #2
Nancy Warren
Cozy Mystery
Ambleside Publishing
October 11, 2018


Dropping stitches and catching killers


When an older gentleman keels over in his scones and tea at the Elderflower Tea Shop in Oxford—a victim of poison—Lucy Swift and her band of undead amateur detectives are on the case.


Elderflower Tea Shop is next door to Cardinal Woolsey’s, the yarn shop Lucy runs and home to the late-night Vampire Knitting Club. The tea shop owners are a pair of octogenarian spinsters and old family friends, so Lucy wants to help clear up the mystery that’s keeping their shop closed. But murder isn’t the only issue troubling the Miss Watts. A man has come between them. Miss Florence Watt is being romanced by an old flame, one Mary Watt distrusts.


In between figuring out who, among his many enemies, might have poisoned the unpleasant Colonel Montague, Lucy’s trying to brush up on her magic spells before the Wiccan potluck dinner her witchy cousin insists she attend.


However, she’s still settling into being a witch and since she botched a spell and blew up her kitchen, she’s taking the magic slowly.


Her knitting endeavors aren’t much better. Between purling when she should knit and dropping so many stitches her hand-knit scarf looks like it was attacked by giant moths, there are days Lucy thinks she’ll pack it all in and move back to Boston. She might, except she’d miss her beloved undead grandmother, her new friends, one very sexy vampire and a local detective who is very much alive.


Stitches and Witches is Book 2 in the Vampire Knitting Club series of paranormal cozy mysteries. It is a standalone novel with no sex or gore, just humor, knitting, magic and a touch of romance.




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"I’d just about got used to living with a nest of vampires, I didn’t think I could take a nest of rats as well. I’m a tolerant woman but I can only go so far. - 44% Stitches and Witches"


Stitches and Witches is book two in the Vampire Knitting Club by Nancy Warren.


This was another fun cozy mystery in the Vampire Knitting Club. I had fun reading this story. Theirs vampires, knitting, murder, and more. 


Lucy is easy to like and enjoy. She’s a hard worker and a little bit of a disaster with her knitting and magic. She’s one of those characters that’s easy to like and relate too. Then we have all the vampires; especially our sexy Rafe, who is one of the possible love interests, but don’t get me wrong this is a mystery and the author focuses on that. As for the vampires I adore and like them all. They are quirky, obsessed with knitting, and since they live so long, they are willing to help find out who the murder is. Ya, they want something to do. Last, we have Detective Inspector Ian, the other possible love interest. He’s a great detective. The only thing I wish is that we had more moments with him.


The mystery is well done. I didn’t catch onto who the murder was until it was reveled. I was thinking it was a total different character we meet. I like not knowing who the killer is, until the end. 


This series is cute, fun, and easy to read. I’m really enjoying the mysteries, paranormal elements, and fun characters. Can’t wait to see what befalls our Lucy and her vampire friends.


Rated: 4 Stars


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