1st Prime Book Box for Kids from Amazon


Amazon has started a new Prime feature called Prime Book Box for Kids. Want to learn more about this service, check out my previous discussion post on this topic HERE. The service is still by invitation only. You can ask for an invite if you are interested.


I don’t do Book Box’s, but since this is designed for kids I gave it a go; because I’m more apt to buy for my son then myself. 


Once I was accept into the Book Box for Kids I received an email to set up my service. I picked every 3 months to receive a Book Box. They do have the option of 1 or 2 months as well. Once I picked my time frame, they show me the books coming in the box. If I don’t care or want one of the books I can pick another option. They give you about 4 additional books to pick if you don’t care for one. I actually used this service and picked the two books that arrived in our first Box. 


Our 1st Prime Book Box for Kids



My son was EXCITEDto receive a package with his name on it. He’s always asking me “when will i get a package in the mail?” 


The books we got where Those Darn Squirrels! and Prince and Pirate.



The favorite out of the two is Those Darn Squirrels!. He also likes Prince and Pirate, but not as much as the Squirrels. That old man and those darn squirrels are just too funny. Especially for a 6-year-old boy. ^_^


Price wise the service is priced well. It costs $22.99 for the Box. No additional fees. The books individually would have cost total of $26.68, so for this first book box it’s been a good investment. Plus my son likes getting a surprise in the mail and then he is enjoying us reading the books together.


At this time I’m pleased with the service and would recommend it. I’ll share with you guys what we get in our next deliver.


Inspire Your Kids To Love Reading! 


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