Review: Shifter’s Shadow (Legion of Angels #5) by Ella Summers

Shifter's Shadow  - Ella Summers
Shifter's Shadow

Legion of Angels #5
Ella Summers
Urban Fantasy
Night Spark Media
July 7th 2017


Next to the powers of heaven and hell, we are nothing.


“So this was just one gigantic, cosmic war between light and dark magic. And we were only a small part of it, a tiny dot in the gods’ empire. It was no wonder that they saw us as insignificant.”


Tested by the gods, Leda and her angelic mate Nero venture into the City of Ashes, a fallen fortress in the Western Wilderness where nightmarish monsters reign supreme and an ancient secret is buried. To survive the Gods’ Trials, they will have to save the city—and they will have to do it without their magic.


Their victory, however, comes at a heavy price. And the secret they uncover will upset the balance of power between Earth and heaven.






Shifter’s Shadow takes place right where Dragon’s Stormends with the BIG surprise.


Leda and Nero are now officially a couple in this one. I’m happy that they are finally together, but that doesn’t mean things will go smoothly.


In Shifter’s Shadow we get Nero’s promotional test, the Gods Trial, and he has picked Leda as his second. Lets, just say this test isn’t easy and what the Gods expect Nero to do is down right upsetting and sad, but these two always find away to work around the rules and bet the odds.


As you can guess we get to meet the Gods and Goddess. Can’t say I’m a fan. Their seams to be things going on that only a slit few know about; a war amongst the gods and of course the issue with the demons. Not only do we meet the gods, but we get more surprises in the supernatural world that I didn’t see coming.


Leda has leveled up again and gets to lead her own team on a mission, while Nero stands by and observes. Leda is a fun character to like. She’s snarky, kick ass, and knows what to do in situations. She keeps her cool and keeps everyone on her team alive.


Ms. Summers has done a wonderful job in her world building, character development, and bringing in something new to each additional installment. Legion of Angels is a fantastic series. I’m hooked. Each installment brings me something new to love. It’s been a while since I’ve found a series that has pulled me in and made me want to read one book after another. Now that I’m done with book five, Shifter’s Shadows, I’ll have to wait for book six, since it’s not out yet.


Rated: 4 Stars


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