Her Dragon's Heart (Dragon Guard Series Book 8)

Her Dragon's Heart (Dragon Guard Series Book 8) - Julia Mills, Linda Boulanger, Lisa Miller, Alicia Carmical ~ 3 Her Dragon Heart Stars ~

Her Dragon’s Heart is book eight in the Dragon Guards series by Julia Mills. It was a fairly good read in the series. We get dragons, witches, and shifters.

I always have a good time returning to this world, with its sexy dragons and the one woman whom the Universe has created for them. I like that the books are quick reads.

Her Dragon’s Heart was an enjoyable book. The romance is an insta-love/attraction, so everything happens quickly. My main issue was that for most of the book our couple was apart and it just did not feel like they had the time they need to get to know one and other. The author does indicate at the begging of the story that our couple has spent a lot of time together, a few months, but something felt off to me. When they do get together the sensual scenes are steamy.

This was a nice installment and even though it was not my favorite, I still enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next book. If you enjoy dragons, then I recommend giving this series a try.