Hunter by Night

Hunter by Night - Elisabeth Staab ~ 4 Hunter by Night Stars ~

Hunter by Night is the third and final installment in Elisabeth Staab’s Chronicles of Yavn series. Ms. Staab did an incredible job wrapping up her series. We get action, sexual tension, stagger reveals into the Vampire world and character wrap ups.

We meet Alexia and Lee in the [b:King of Darkness|12427544|King of Darkness (Chronicles of Yavn, #1)|Elisabeth Staab||17409851] where we learn that Alexia is Isabel’s best friend. Isabel is now Queen of the Vampires and pregnant, which makes Alexia’s place a little less significant. Throughout the series she has been feeling the pressure of being the only human in a Vampire world. This is taking its toll on her. She is lonely and tired of the sexual frustration that comes with an attraction to a male vampire that despise humans. She needs out and now.

Lee is the embodiment of an alpha Vampire. He just oozes testosterone and sexy hotness. He is in charge of the fighters that protect the king and the estate. He takes his job very seriously. Throughout the series he fights his attraction to Lexi, but something is about to change and through his life into a world wind of new in-site.

Lots of things happen in Hunter by Night. Lee and Lexi finally hook up and wow baby do they set the pages on fire. I have been waiting for their story ever since book one King of Darkness. Ms. Stabb did a stupendous job with our hero and heroine. We get more secrets reveled of the vampire world. Lots of things are wrapped up for us. We get to see Xander, Theresa and little Eamon. They were adorable to read about. We see Siddoh grow as a character and something interesting happens to him I did not see coming. Agnessa, Lee’s ex I’m still not sure how I feel about her, but in the end you see that she may have saw this relationship coming and helped in her own way.

Thank you, Elisabeth for giving us Lee and Alexia’s happy ending. I enjoyed every minute and highly recommend check out the Chronicles of Yavn series.