The Heist

The Heist - R.T. Lucas ARC Review
~ 3 Heist Stars ~ 

The Heist - Tainted Blood by LJ Halkett and RT Lucas is book one. It’s an ok start to the series. It has crude language and descriptive scenes of torture. We also have vampires, werewolves, LWS (Lazy Wolf Syndrome) and hybrid vampire/wolf. This book has several things I like to read about: werewolves, vampires and strong independent characters, but unfortunately the book did not work for me.

Alicia, a strong heroine, won't take crap from anyone. Confident, stubborn, and snarky. She leaves Xavier in knots. As the book goes on we learn more about her past and what type of creature she is. I will say at the beginning I thought she was human, but then we learn differently. 

Xavier, a strong hero, can't shift and he's a werewolf the runt of the litter. This is where the LWS comes in. I had a laugh at this description. He is a hard core bad ass and very over bearing. His family disowned him for not being able to shift, so he has some family issues. 

The Heist started out promising, but the more I read the less I liked it. Something about it was not working for me. Several things are brought to our attention about the biology of the characters in the book. We don’t just have a straight werewolf. No we have to have one that has LWS and with our Vampire it ends up being something more. Another thing that I noticed in our characters is that they could not tell supernaturals apart from humans. Why is this? Don’t they have heightened abilities? If they do then they hardly use the heightened abilities. Just seams unusual for supernaturals. As for our lead characters Alicia and Xavier they dance around each other throughout the book spending most of the time taking jabs at each other and generally causing headaches for one another. You can tell they have something a strong attraction to each other, but then our lead characters never hook up in this book. Uh! Last the ending was a surprise and unexpected. Our hero ends up... Why that ending? Did not see it coming and did not understand it. Not sure if it was meant to be a cliffhanger or what the deal is. I did really enjoy Shuggie, our Scottish Vampire, who is like a wise old man that likes to have fun. I did enjoy the heist and revenge aspect plot in this book.

The Heist is an ok read. It has some funny lines and interesting concepts, but it don’t work for me. 

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy free of charge from the author with the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.