Blades of Magic

Blades of Magic - Terah Edun Blades of Magic is a young adult fantasy. I usually avoid young adult reads, but I picked this one up for free from Amazon and deiced to give it a go.

I was soon drawn into a world full of unexpected things, a variety of different magics, and a young character who has a backbone, a sense of honor, and strength. The writing was easy and fluid allowing me to get immersed in the story. The world is vast and we only get a taste. Their are hints of a complex political situation which created a civil war and more going on under the scene between different factions. It’s exciting, adventurous, and fast paced.

I try to avoid young adults aka teenagers; because their always seems to be a lot of drama with them. They come off selfish and immature. That was not the case here with Sara the daughter of a disgraced imperial commander. She is well developed, approachable, and likable. Her methods may not always be agreeable, but she was trained to think in a certain way. We see that the world is against her all because of what happened with her father and so she has learned to keep everyone except her mother at a distances, yet Ezekiel kinda sneaks under her defenses. I liked Ezekiel he balances Sara out. They make a nice team. It was nice to see Sara’s hard mask crack at times showing that she is a person after all and I admire her willpower.

I will say the book ends quickly and I wish their was more. The ending felt like ending in the middle of a story or chapter. That is my only issue with Blades of Magic. Other then that I throughly enjoyed the first installment in the Crown Service series and plan on continuing, just to find out what happens next.

Blades of Magic is a light, easy read with a young heroine who is tough and strong in a world that is almost entirely agains her.

Rated: 3.5 Stars