Scent of a Mate

Scent of a Mate - Milly Taiden 4.5 Scent of a Mate

I picked this one up on a whim and was surprised by how well everything was portrayed, from the plot to the characters. We never had a dull moment and the author explains everything clearly that their is no misunderstand as to what is going on. I really enjoyed the scenting ceremony, how it was explained at the begin to the girls and wow baby Aric (fan myself) when he scents Jordan wow does it get (HOT) after. I loved it!

Scent of a Mate is book one in Sassy Mates series by Milly Taiden. We get out of this world mind blowing hot sex, a little power play for mate states and a family that loves unconditionally.

Jordan I really liked off the bat. She is a strong women. A fighter. Life has not been fair to her and she does not easily love. Aric I really liked as well. Hot Alpha male who is not pushy unless he has to be to keep his woman safe. The growth in Jordan and Aric's relationship was well portrayed. Aric did not pressure her and took his time breaking down her defense to win her love. They complemented each other. The sex scenes are steamy and well written.

This series looks promising. I really enjoyed this first installment into the Sassy Mates and I can’t wait to read how the rest of the brother’s do with their mates.