Dragon Storm

Dragon Storm - Katie MacAlister ~ 4 Dragon Storm Stars ~

Dragon Storm is book two in the Dragon Falls series by Katie MacAlister. 

I do love me some dragons. Katie MacAlister won me over with her dragons with the Aisling Grey series, about the Green Dragons, from then on I have been in love with the world and quirky characters. Yes, it’s had it’s up’s and down’s as all series do, but I still can’t get enough of these dragons. 

Dragon Storm stood on it's own, but is best if you read these in order. It’s a mini series inside a larger one. Even if you have not had the pleasure of enjoy other books yet in this series or the other dragons, you will fall in love and want to devour all the books.

This novel brought me back to what I LOVE about this series and what hooked me. It's got great fun characters to fall in love with, humor, comedy, secrets, surprises and romance. I love the banter all the characters have and Gary (comedy relief) reminded me so much of Jim from Aisling Grey series. Jim and all the others we have meet show up to add too the fun and surprises. I will say I’m glad someone finally told Aoife off. She needed a talking to. I didn’t love her in [book:Dragon Fall|23507711] and still don’t, but this story is not about her.

I had fun with these two. Bee and Constantine are a nice pair, fit together, had nice chemistry and are both a little goofy. Constantine is defiantly a favorite. I loved seeing him get his chance and find someone to stand by him. 

Their is no shortage of adventure, plot twists, surprise, suspense and romance in Dragon Storm. This was one fun wacky silly ride. This novel is best for those that like a little quirky with their paranormal. I couldn't put this one down and will be adding it to my must own list. I can’t wait to read more.