Reading progress update: I've read 315 out of 432 pages.

Tempted & Taken (Men of Haven) - Rhenna Morgan

Things are now just starting to get good. We now know why Darya on the run.


As for the romance I'm not falling for it. Most of the book is Knox keeping his distance and when he does give in they have sex and then it's back to staying away. After a few weeks of this they make a go of it. I think only two months have passed with them together. They are now spending time at each others places but all we see is their strong attraction and then their sexy times. With things picking up on the man after Darya we are not seeing a little more, but still all we get is them in bed together. 


I'm just not digging this book in the series. I've loved the previous ones out, but not so much this one. I guess their will be one in a series that just doesn't work.