Randomness – TV Shows


I love books, but I also love to binge watch TV shows. Here are a few TV Shows I’ve been enjoying this season.


The Big Bang Theory – Season 10


This is my favorite show. I love watching re-runs. I’m enjoying the new season.




Young Sheldon – Season 1


I’m loving this show. It’s narrated by Jim Parsons, who plays the adult version of Sheldon on “The Big Bang Theory.”It’s adorable seeing Sheldon as a young boy.




Bull – Season 2


I loved Michel Weatherly on NCIS and now he’s got his own show, BULL. Dame it’s fun and enjoyable. I’m hooked.




Lethal Weapon – Season 2


I’m an action junkie. Lethal Weapon has lots of action and explosions. I enjoy Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh. They are fun.




NCIS Los Angeles – Season 9


I didn’t start watching this one until last year. I binge watched until I was caught up to date. I use to watch NCIS, but then we stoped having TV and I stopped watching the show. I just haven’t gotten back into that one, but I’m enjoying NCIS Los Angeles.




Lucifer – Season 3


Who doesn’t love Lucifer? This show is fun and Lucifer is yummy! I like the direction it goes and the unique cast of characters, which features angels, demons, and more.




What TV Shows are you enjoying?




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