Reading progress update: I've read 207 out of 432 pages.

Tempted & Taken (Men of Haven) - Rhenna Morgan

This one isn't WOWing me as the first two did. I'm not sure why? I'm still enjoying, but it's taking me long and I'm reading other stuff in-between this. I just don't have the interest to site down and read it all in one sitting, like I usually do with my books.


Knok is ok, but he's a man whore. He doesn't do relationships and only has sex with the women he's with. It gives a chance to sleep or destress. 


Darya Volkova who is going by JJ is on the run. We still don't know why she's on the run. From what I've learned she had a loving family until they died, had a good job in Russia, and then left it for some reason and found JJ who took her in and taught her a lot until she passed away and Daray took over her name to hide. I'm a bit confused on why she's running. She acts at times like she's not running and not hiding. I'm confused on her character.