Reading progress update: I've read 169 out of 384 pages.

Fuel for Fire - Julie Ann Walker


DNFing this one here at pg. 169 about 47% in.

We've met Chels and Dagan in previous books and they have had this unspoken attraction to each other, so this has been going on for some time, years, and now they are getting their story.

Fuel For Fire isn't pulling me in nor is it keeping my interest like so many others in the series have. I'm not getting that all consuming pull or suspense to keep me going.

I just don't care for this new writing direction. The books aren't like they use to be when the series started. I've loved the books in this series, but Fuel For Fire is't working out. I don't know if it's because it's the second to last book in the series. The Black Knight Inc is closing it's doors. The new President doesn't want them. They are trying to wrap up this Spider thing up; before everything is said and done.

What has really put me in a mood on this Fuel For Fire is that Chels has a BIG SECRET something to do about Afghanistan and why Dagan was fired. She's kept this for years. At the time she was thinking about herself and her mothers well being, before anything else. Well she wants to tell him this secret; before they go further aka try for a relationship, but when Dagan says, no all I want is you naked now. I've waited so long and I want you. She resigns herself to this one time being with him by saying it's ok because she's giving him what he wants all because last time she thought about herself and her mother first. AHHHH. This secret she knows will change things. Who knows how or what it really is, but to sleep with him before telling him. I through my hands in the air, almost through the book, and said nope I'm done.