TMST: Romance Recommendations


Tell Me Something Tuesday is hosted by Rainy Day Ramblings. This Tuesday we are recommending romance novels to read. Tomorrow is Valentines Day and not all of use have someone to spend it with, so how about a sexy book boyfriend to keep you warm?


If you enjoy Contemporary Romance, you might enjoy these titles:


The Original Heartbreakers series, is one that has captured my heart. I’ve been devouring the novels. It’s got this small hometown feel to it. Where everyone knows everyone and they find love and home. The Men of Haven series, is another that captured me. I wasn’t expecting to fall so hard, but Ms. Morgan really made me love these men, what they stand for, and the women that capture their hearts. The Cavanaugh Brothers has some sexy western cowboys who have all moved away from the family home, but are now back to deal with the family farm. It’s emotional, has some drama, a little suspense, and romance. I really loved books 1-3. Still haven’t read the 4th and final book.




If you enjoy Romantic Suspense, you might enjoy these titles:


I feel hard for the Black Knights Inc. series and have really enjoyed several of the titles.  We have special blacks ops type guys who ride motorcycles. It’s full of suspense, action, and romance. The K-9 Rescue series is also another series that captured me from the first book. The author knows her dogs, what they can do, and so on. The  series is engaging and fascinating. The K-9’s featured on the covers are the ones in the story and their is no shortage of suspense and romance to keep you turning the pages. Kill Without Shame is full of mystery, suspense, a second chance romance, and so much more. It was a non-stop page turner, entertaining, and satisfying.




If you like MC Romance, you might enjoy these titles:


The Raven Riders series is on the tame side for MC. It features good men who are working together to protect the innocent, women and kids, who have been abused in someway and need a way out. It’s heartfelt, sad, and the couples also have their pasts and issues to work through to get their HEA. The Reapers Motorcycle Clubis on the hard core side of the MC. These men live for the club and the things they do aren’t legal. I really loved Reaper’s Fall because of Painter. Their where so many sexy scenes. It took them time to find their HEA, but the ride was fast and hard.




If you enjoy Paranormal Romance, you might enjoy these titles:


I love all the series featured below in the PNR categories. I’d read them over and over again. 




If you enjoy Science Fiction Romance, you might enjoy these titles:


I very much enjoy the Ice Planet Barbarians series. Dark Summer Dreams is interesting. The Quads of Galafrax is an erotic romance featuring 4 Quads find one woman to love. 




Next week’s question for February 20th: How do you find time to read?



I’d love to hear some of your romance recommendations!


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