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Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing Dani Harper, author of Storm Crossed.


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Please share a few reasons why someone should try the Grim Series…


I love to write about romance mixed with magic in a contemporary setting, especially if there’s a myth or legend involved. I love to place ordinary people face to face with the extraordinary and the impossible, and see how they react – and how they grow and change in order to accept this new reality. I want there to be high stakes, action, and danger. But I need some humorous moments mixed in, as well as romantic and sexy ones.


If that’s the kind of story you like to read, then maybe Storm Crossed is for you. Oh, and don’t worry about getting lost. Even though this is Book 4 of the series, every story is a standalone.


How did you come up with the concept and the characters for the story?


The concept of the Grim Series sprang out of my lifelong fascination with mythology and folklore – and fond memories of my Welsh gramma! Each book has its beginning in Wales, where legends claim that faery realms were once hidden far below the human world, in a place where time did not exist.


I couldn’t help but wonder what would it be like if the fae still lived? And what if they were no longer content to remain in their own kingdom? Especially when the faeries of the old stories are nothing like Tinkerbell! They are not cute. They are not little. And they are certainly not nice. The real fae are cunning, powerful and often cruel. The most beautiful among them are often the most deadly.


What would happen if these ancient beings came to modern-day America? How would people react? How would the fae respond?


Storm Crossed gave me an opportunity to explore a whole new aspect of the world I’ve created. Love is so rare among the fae that most do not believe it exists. Could a faery truly fall in love with a modern mortal? And what would be the cost?


Please share a few lines from Storm Crossed….

“What are you doing here?” demanded a new voice, a rich, masculine voice, and every one of her friends fell silent.


Oh, great, we’ve attracted a park ranger, thought Lissy as she turned to face this new issue. How are we going to explain—


It was no ranger. The first thing her eyes took in was a heavy black cloak, thrown back to reveal strange leather clothing. Ornately tooled and trimmed with silver, it hugged a lean frame.


No, some instinct decided, not lean but lithe. Lithe like a big cat, all coiled agility and snake-strike muscle in a deceptively relaxed package. She was forced to tilt her head to see the strong jaw that underscored the man’s angular face—and beneath it, the silvery scar that ran diagonally across his throat from beneath his left ear until it disappeared into the right side of his collar. Far from being a blemish, however, the scar only added interest to otherwise perfect features. Less obvious was a strange otherness to his appearance that she felt rather than saw. Human, yet decidedly not. And no human she knew boasted hair like that. Pulled into a thick braid that fell halfway down his back, it was white in the way that snow was white—not a single shade but many.


She had to remind herself to breathe. This was no lost cosplay enthusiast or a Lord of the Rings extra but an actual living, breathing member of the faery race. Somewhere in the back of her mind, a faint thought protested that such a thing was completely impossible. It wasn’t very convincing, however, with a flesh-and-blood dog the size of a goddamn Volkswagen already in front of her.


The man’s pale hair glowed in the fire’s light. A fistful of loose strands fell across his face, and beneath them his eyes were watchful, alert. A panther scanning for prey.


And he had found her.

Tell us all about your main characters — Who are they? What makes them tick?


Trahern is a powerful fae sorcerer who has left his title and his wealth behind, and chosen to ride with the Wild Hunt. He can’t accept that love even exists, never mind consider that he might be susceptible to it. And as for mortals? He barely notices them.


Lissy is an independent human woman with a lot on her plate. She believes in love but between her career as a university professor and her responsibilities as a single mom to a young son with Asperger’s, she doesn’t have time for it.


These two people could not be less alike on the surface. And what will they do when they discover they have more in common than either of them ever dreamed? Can mortal love survive fae magic?


What did you enjoy most about writing this book?


Contrary to popular belief, the writer isn’t really in charge of the story. So, the best part for me is the sheer surprise of what my characters come up with. I love to see how they grow and develop, and the story of Trahern and Lissy is one of my most satisfying works to date. I’m so proud of both of them!


Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to take part in this interview.


Thank you so much for inviting me today! I’m looking forward to visiting with your readers in the comment section.


Storm Crossed

Grim Series

Book 4

Dani Harper

Release Date: January 9, 2018

Publisher: Montlake Romance

ISBN-10: 1503948943

ISBN-13: 978-1503948945


Book Description:


The latest stand-alone novel in Dani Harper’s Grim Series will delight old and new fans alike, transporting them to the ancient fae realm beneath the modern human world, where magic rules and menace abounds . . .


Heir to a noble fae house, Trahern is forced to watch helplessly as his twin brother is cruelly changed into a grim—a death dog—as punishment for falling in love with the wrong person. Trahern doesn’t believe love exists, but he will do anything to keep his brother alive—even join the Wild Hunt and ride the night skies of the human world.


Lissy Santiago-Callahan believes in love but has no time for it. She’s busy juggling her career as an academic and her home life as a single mom to a young son with Asperger’s. Her hectic life in sleepy Eastern Washington is made even more chaotic with the sudden arrival of a demanding fae and his unusual “dog.”


Mortal and immortal have nothing in common, and the attraction between Lissy and Trahern surprises them both. But when their desire places Lissy and her child in the path of a deadly faery feud, will the connection last, or will their separate worlds prove too great a divide?






Legend, lore, love, and magic. These are the hallmarks of Dani Harper’s transformational tales of faeries, shapeshifters, ghosts, and more, for a mature audience.


A former newspaper editor, Dani’s passion for all things supernatural led her to a second career writing fiction. There isn’t anything she likes better than exploring myths and legends from many cultures, which serve to inspire her sizzling and suspenseful stories.


A longtime resident of the Canadian north and southeastern Alaska, she now lives in rural Washington with her retired mountain-man husband. Together they do battle with runaway garden gnomes, rampant fruit trees, and a roving herd of predatory chickens.


Dani Harper is the author of Storm Crossed, Storm Warned, Storm Bound, Storm Warrior (the Grim Series), as well as First Bite (Dark Wolf), for Montlake Romance. She is also the author of a Yuletide ghost story, The Holiday Spirit, plus a popular shapeshifter series, which includes Changeling Moon, Changeling Dream, and Changeling Dawn.


For more, visit her websiteAmazon Author Page,  FacebookTwitter or @Dani_Harper



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