TMST: Goal Check for 2017


Happy New Year! Did everyone survive the Holidays and New Year, ok? I’ve still got family in town, but we made it into the New Year. Only downside is my hubby and son rang in the New Year with colds. Yep!!! Bummer for them.


Today we are looking back at our 2017 new year resolutions/goals. My goals/resolutions where very simple for 2017.


What’s my 2017 New Year’s Resolutions:


  1. To continue to limiting reviews and requests on NetGalley.
  2. To pick up books from the library. The library love challenge should help me with this one.
  3. To start and try to finish a new series; either Jane Yellowrock, Shadow Reader, or Elemental Assassin. 


So, How did I do?


  1. I did ok with limiting my reviews. At the end of Dec. I had several authors I review for have books coming out, so I’ve got 6 review books to get too ASAP. As for NetGalley I’ve been staying off the site, only go their when their is a book I really really want to request, which they are rare. I’ve been waiting for books to come out, so I can get them at my library instead.
  2. I did wonderful with picking up books from the library. I picked up 67 books/audiobooks for myself from the library in 2017 setting my library card on fire.
  3. I started the Jane Yellowrock series. I haven’t finished the series and I’m on book 8. Still a ways to go, but I did start a new series.


I feel good about my 2017 goals/resolutions.
How did you do with your goals from last year?


Next week will be all about goals for 2018: What are your goals for 2018? 



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