Audio Review: Mercy Thompson (Books 1-7) by Patricia Briggs (Narrator: Lorelei King)



This series is one of my favorites. We are treated to Action, Adventure, Suspense, Mystery, Magic, Supernaturals of all kinds, and so much more.


I read this series first and feel in love. Mercy is a kick-ass women, who can handle anything thrown at her and she grows so much throughout the series and then add in the Hampton Pack, all those wolves, and you have quite an amazing combination.


I’ve read this series several times, but I have not listened to it until now. My library had books 1 – 7 available in audio and I devoured them one after the other. It felt like the very first time reading; discovering those characters, the mysteries, the different supernaturals, and adventures they go through. I love it when a story and characters captures me and I want to read them again.


In the series we have Mercy. Who is one unique character. She’s a coyote shifter surrounded by wolves. She doesn’t know much about who she is and what she can do, but she learns a little more in each book and so do we. I love discovering more about her heritage and meeting Coyote.


We also have the relationship between Adam and Mercy. I just love how it develops throughout the books and when they do come together, WOW. They are one of my favorite power couples.


As for the stories for each book, well each one brings us something new either with Fae, Vampires, or the Wolves. I do have to say I cried in Frost Burned, book 7. 

I knew going in that someone dies in this series, but I couldn’t remember when and who it was and when it happened my heart broke all over again.

(show spoiler)

The narrator, Lorelei King did a fabulous job. I did have trouble with the male voices at first, just in Book 1 Moon Called, but the more I listened and got farther along, the more they grew on me. The stories in each book where fun, adventures, and powerful. Ms. King brings it all across supurbly.


I highly recommend the Mercy Thompson series either reading or in audiobook.


  1. Moon Called – Rated: 4 Stars
  2. Blood Bound – Rated: 4 Stars
  3. Iron Kissed – Rated: 4 Stars
  4. Bone Crossed – Rated: 5 Stars
  5. Silver Borne – Rated: 5 Stars
  6. River Marked – Rated: 5 Stars
  7. Frost Burned – Rated: 4 Stars





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