Do you know about my lending library?




Did you know that you can loan out your ebooks from Amazon and Barnes & Nobles?
Did you know that I offer my eBook library for lending?



That’s right I have a page “Lending Library” on my blog dedicated to all the eBooks I own. 


– Nook and Kindle offer the option of loaning out eBooks. Not all the books are available to loan, but I’m happy to check and see if a title is available to loan. If you don’t want to browse through the list, just send me an email with the title and author you are looking for and I’ll search my collection and see if I own it. If I have it and it’s available to loan I’ll send it out. (For more information on how to get a hold of me and request – Click Here)


Why do I offer this? Well, I know that not everyone has a library and/or that the library doesn’t always carry an author, especially Indie ones, so I want to give book lovers a way to find, love, and enjoy a verity of books and authors. 


Try Something New! We all have different tastes in the type of books we love and enjoy. Open yourself up to trying a new author, genre, or series.


Worry free before you buy? I’ve had a book or author on my TBR that I’ve wanted to try, so I buy the book, but it didn’t turn out as I had hopped. What then? Well, I’m stuck with an ebook I don’t want anymore. If it was paperback I could give it away or donate it my library, but you can’t do that with ebooks. I think that many book lovers have had this same issue.


Loaning out my eBooks gives you a worry free way to try the book out and if it doesn’t work, well then you don’t have to be upset that you spent that money and are stuck with a book you don’t want. 


Note: You do need to have an account with Amazon and/or Barnes & Nobles. You don’t have to have the reading devices, the app will work too. The lending period is 14 days from the day you accept the loaned book. Once you finish you can send the loan back or at the end of the 14 days the device will send it back for you.




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