Reading progress update: I've listened 300 out of 308 minutes.

Fair Game - Patricia Briggs


I love Anna & Charles. I've precious read Fair Game, but deiced I wanted to try the Audiobook. I as feeling in the mood for a reread, so I audio listened. 


I LOVED this book all over again. WOW the narrator, a male voice, was perfect. He brought all the characters to life. I just loved how he added accents to the voices and with Charles he had a voice for Charles and one for Brother Wolf. Perfection!! The women where also very enjoyable and fit the characters. 


I loved the mystery and the turbulence in the relationship between Charles and Anna. 


Just a fabulous series. Love Ms. Briggs. After listening to Fair Game I was feeling in the mood try out the Mercy Thompson series in Audiobooks and so I'm going to start them. I do love Mercy and the series.