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July 31st, 2017



Anaya’s Pride: A Reverse Harem Love Story (Beasts of Ironhaven #1) by Chloe Cole – Amazon
For 100 Reasons (100 Series #3) by Lara Adrian – Amazon, Kobo
Enrage (Eagle Elite #8) by Rachel Van Dyken – Amazon
The Vampire Prince’s Missing Mistress (Tales of the Arcana Royale) by Heather Long – Amazon, Kobo
The White Tiger Shifter’s Wild Amazon (Tales of the Arcana Royale) by Heather Long – Amazon, Kobo
The Greek Hero’s Lost Librarian (Tales of the Arcana Royale) by Heather Long – Amazon, Kobo
The Witchborn Detective’s Porcelain Prisoner (Tales of the Arcana Royale) by Heather Long – Amazon, Kobo
The Legal Vampire’s Golden Goddess (Tales of the Arcana Royale) by Heather Long – Amazon, Kobo
Re-Release (New Covers & Publisher): The Hades’ Carnival Series by N.J. WaltersAmazon, Kobo
Night of the Tiger
Mark of the Bear
Pride of the Lion
Howl of the Wolf
Heart of the Serpent
Flame of the Phoenix
Lure of the Jaguar
Re-Release (New Covers & Publisher): Salvation Pack Series by N.J. WaltersAmazon, Kobo
Wolf at the Door
Wolf in her Bed
Wolf on the Run
Wolf from the Past
Wolf on the Hunt
Wolf on a Mission
Wolf in his Heart
Re-Release (New Covers & Publisher): Spells, Secrets, and Seductions Series by N.J. WaltersAmazon, Kobo
A Touch of Magick
Dreams of Seduction
Love in Flames
Re-Release (New Covers & Publisher): Legacy Series by N.J. WaltersAmazon, Kobo
Alexandra’s Legacy
Isaiah’s Haven
Legacy Found
Quinn’s Quest
Finding Chrissten
Damek’s Redemption
Craig’s Heart



Aug. 1st, 2017



SEAL Wolf Undercover (Heart of the Wolf #22) by Terry Spear – Amazon, Kobo
Wicked Bite (Realm Enforcers #5) by Rebecca Zanetti – Amazon, Kobo
The Lost Vampire (Last True Vampire #5) by Kate Baxter – Amazon, Kobo
Wolf’s Mate (Shifter Rogues #1) by Celia Kyle – Amazon, Kobo
Stone Cold Fox (Cougarville #3) by Evangeline Anderson – Amazon, Kobo
Under Fire (Love Over Duty #1) by Scarlett Cole – Amazon, Kobo
Record of Wrongs (Redemption County #1) by Sharon Kay – Amazon, Kobo
Project Pandora (Assassin Fall #1) by Aden Polydoros – Amazon, Kobo
Devil’s Cut (The Bourbon Kings #3) by J.R. Ward – Amazon, Kobo
Ride the Storm (Cassandra Palmer #8) by Karen Chance – Amazon, Kobo
Chasing Secrets (Elite Guardians #4) by Lynette Eason – Amazon, Kobo
Urban Enemies by Multiple Authors – Amazon, Kobo
Dragonsworn (Dark-Hunters #28) by Sherrilyn Kenyon – Amazon, Kobo
In His Hands (Blank Canvas #3) by Adriana Anders – Amazon, Kobo
Saving Mr. Perfect (Penelope Blue #2) by Tamara Morgan – Amazon, Kobo
Delectable (Neighbor from Hell #9) by R.L. Mathewson – Amazon, Kobo
Tougher in Texas (Texas Rodeo #3) by Kari Lynn Dell – Amazon, Kobo
The Better Man (Allen Brothers #2) by Barbie Bohrman – Amazon, Kobo
The Edge of Us by Veronica Larsen – Amazon, Kobo
Secondborn (Secondborn #1) by Amy A. Bartol – Amazon
Knight on the Texas Plains (Texas Heroes #1) by Linda Broday – Amazon, Kobo
Just Another Viscount in Love (Season’s Original #3.5) by Vivienne Lorret – Amazon, Kobo



Aug. 5th, 2017



Saving Her Skin (Shifter Shield #3) by Margo Bond Collins – Amazon
Tamed by a Tiger (Eternal Mates #13) by Felicity Heaton – Amazon, Kobo





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