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Ride Rough - Laura Kaye

Maverick has a past with Alexa, but they or I should say she broke it off. Now she engaged to a man she thinks will give her everything she ever wanted. 


Wow, it's hard to read about abuse of any kind on anyone. The author has vividly portrayed what Alexa is thinking and you can see/feel the abuse. She doesn't yet realize it, but when she does things get complicated and hard. He's made it so her life is all wrapped up in him and their is no easy way out. 


The Raven Riders are a protective bunch and will do what they can to help Alexa out. The feelings Maverick and Alexa have for each other are deep and intense. The past was never resolved and they both have carried a torch for each other, even now, when they both tried to move on in their lives.