Reading progress update: I've read 134 out of 304 pages.

Heated Pursuit (Alpha Security) - April Hunt


From the reviews I've read. I feel like I'm reading a totally different book then what everyone else read. 


I'm not feeling Penny. She shouldn't be on this op mission. 

She was informed that their would be bugs everywhere in every room and no place would be safe to talk or drop character, yet as soon as they get to the bad guys place and in the room that was given to them, she almost blew their cover by opening  her mouth and only Rafe kissing her asap stoped that from happening. Then she realizes that she almost blew their cover. 


Yet, she does this same thing again later in the book. It is frustrating. 


I will say one thing Rafe and Penny do have some hot chemistry off the charts steamy sex and sexy moments, but I'm so frustrated with our heroine/lead Penny at the moment that I don't think I can finish this book.