Reading progress update: I've read 93 out of 304 pages.

Heated Pursuit (Alpha Security) - April Hunt


I was confused at the beginning. How does Penny know WHO the guys are in this Alpha Security team? She's been estranged from her brother for a very long time. So, how does she know them?


I was a little puzzled in the first few chapters. I didn't feel that the start and introductions to the characters and world was all that great. 


Not a whole lot has gone on yet in the suspense or action part. I would like more of an intro into the Alpha Security team members. They sound interesting on what little we have gotten. 


Penny and Rafe, well their is lust and lots of it happening. You can fell the lust oozing off the pages. 


I'm undecided on this read. I've read so many great reviews for Heated Pursuit, but I'm just not feeling it.