Review: Night of Jinxes (Moonlight Dragon Short Story) by Tricia Owen

Night of Jinxes: A Moonlight Dragon Short Story - Tricia Owens

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Night of Jinxes 

 Moonlight Dragon  
 Tricia Owen  
 Urban Fantasy - Short Story  
 October 25th 2016  
 Authors Newsletter  


When a spooky, disembodied voice in Moonlight Pawn threatens to kill Anne Moody, she's angry and annoyed. She doesn't have time for this! But if she wants to catch a wink of sleep in the near future, she know she has to figure out which item in her magickal pawn shop is out to get her. Unfortunately that's easier said than done. Anne lives in the retail equivalent of a haunted house. As she and her best friend Melanie the monkey shapeshifter soon learn, everything is cursed!


This is a fun and creeptastic Moonlight Dragon short story.


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Night of Jinxes was a fun short story in the Moonlight Dragon series by Tricia Owen. 


Anne Moody has some bad juju coming her way again. The shop she runs is cursed and well some unusual and not so safe items keep finding their way to her doorstep. Anne must neutralize one of the curses; before her home becomes her tome.


Her best friend Melanie wants to hold a Night of Jinxes. What is a Night of Jinxes it’s where they trigger all the curses in the shop and hopeful they can find the one that’s really bad, the one that wants to kill Anne. What could go wrong?


Melanie and Anne have a great friendship and it shows in the pages. 


This short story gives you a little taste of Anne’s world. It’s fun, entertaining, and enjoyable. Those that like reading Urban Fantasy, magic or Las Vegas might enjoy checking out this series, Moonlight Dragon. I’m curious to check out more. 


Rated 3.5 Stars


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