Review: Beauty and the Highland Beast (A Highland Fairy Tale #1) by Lecia Cornwall

Beauty and the Highland Beast: A Highland Fairy Tale - Lecia Cornwall

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Beauty and the Highland Beast 

 A Highland Fairy Tale #1  
 Lecia Cornwall  
 Historical Romance - Fairy Tales  
 June 21st 2016  


Powerful and dangerous highlander Dair Sinclair was once the favored son of his clan, The Sinclairs of Carraig Brigh. With Dair at the helm, Sinclair ships circled the globe bringing home incredible fortune. Until one deadly mission when Dair is captured, tortured and is unable to save his young cousin. He returns home breaking under the weight of his guilt and becomes known as the Madman of Carraig Brigh.


When a pagan healer predicts that only a virgin bride can heal his son’s body and mind, Dair’s father sets off to find the perfect wife for his son. At the castle of the fearsome McLeods, he meets lovely and kind Fia MacLeod.


Although Dair does his best to frighten Fia, she sees the man underneath the damage and uses her charm and special gifts to heal his mind and heart. Will Dair let Fia love him or is he cursed with madness forever?




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I was intruded to this book by Anna @ Herding Cats and Burning Soup. I read her review, featured here, and become intrigued. Historical Romance’s are not a genre I usually pick up, but her review made this book sound fascinating and something I might relish.


Their was so much to savor. Dair, the laird’s son and future heir, has been gravely injured and is grief stricken so much that he has gone rather mad. Fia, one of many daughters to a neighboring clan see’s her chance to see a little of the world and maybe help heal the laird’s son.


I loved both Fia and Dair. Both have scares inside and out. They also complement each other in that he’s bold and she’s gentle. I just loved seeing them together. They both needed someone to see them, help them heal, and see past the scars. Watching them come together was sweet and endearing.


There is also danger afoot and strange things happening in the clan. Rumors and murmurs of witch craft, evil, and that Dair is not fit to rule. Some shady things go down and a few people I definitely wished harm too. I’m curious to see where things will go from here.


Overall, I had a marvelous time. I’m glad I gave Beauty and the Highland Beast a try. I was captivated from the first to last pages and can’t wait to read the next in A Highland Fairy Tale series.


Rated: 4 Stars


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