Reading progress update: I've read 100%.

Breath of Fire - Amanda Bouchet

It starts right after book one in the same spot, but I didn't care for how it took off. I was very surprised and frustrated on how Griffen reacts and sad for Cat. He knows she has been abused, miss treated, and has some major issues.. So to say the start was not what I was expecting nor did I care for it, but once that issue got resolved and things moved on everything moved at breakneck speed. It's one thing onto another and the world is changing. Cat is the Harbinger and much more she will issue in change, but to do that she will have to protect those she loves. We get mythology, quests, Gods, Goddesses, and a lot of surprises and near death experience for all our Alpha Team. I did like it and found it to be a sold 4 star. I am curious and excited to read the third and finally book in this series. That finale battle I'm looking forward too and hopeful some of the other Alpha team members will find someone to love and complement tham.  (Full review will be coming)