Review: A Vhampier’s Forbidden Wolf by P.T. Macias (DNF)

A Vhampier's Forbidden Wolf: Paranormal Bad Boys Are Sexy, Wild, And Full Of Suspense! (Romancing Shifters Paranormal Fantasy) (Volume 1) - P.T. Macias
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A Vhampier’s Forbidden Wolf 

 P.T. Macias  
 Erotic Paranormal Romance  
 May 31st 2015  
 ARC eCopy Hearts Of Darkness Box Set  


A spoiled, sexy and wild young wolf loves the chase. She loves to stir it up and watch the fireworks. She comes to a complete stop when she meets a vhampier that rocks her world.


The mature vhampier, the royal assassin, falls under her spell. He goes against the supernatural council, family, and royal decree.


The unexpected threat to their lives bring them together, exposing their love. 





** Read as part of the Hearts Of Darkness Box Set. ** 


DNF’d this one half through the prologue.


It’s a short short story with five chapters plus a prologue. It’s so badly written. It was odd, couldn’t hold my interest, and I couldn’t get into the writing. Victor this, He does that, His features… I was even confused on the very first page of the prologue, on who was talking to whom.


Example of the writing:
     “Viktor is a tall, muscular, and handsome vahampire. He walks with urgency and elegance. His jet black hair is long, and he keeps it shoulder length. His beautiful glowing green eyes with gold specks are serious and hard. His thick and curly black eyelashes don’t soften his look. His jaw is clench, the jaw muscle twitches from the extreme pressure, and his full lips are closed tight.
     Victory takes even strides down the hall, his back is straight and regal as he taps his heels on the glossy black marble floor.
     He stops at the entrance of the summit room waiting for the guard to announce him.
     The tall vampire guard nods and opens the door. He announces Prince Viktor.
     Emperor Emmanuel waits for Prince Viktor to enter the room.
     Prince Viktor walks up to the front of the room and taps his heels as he bows his head with his hands crossed behind him. “My Emperor.”
     He stands straight and looks strategy ahead waiting for him to talk.”


Rated: DNF


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