Review: Angels of Darkness by Ilona Andrews, Nalini Singh, Meljean Brook, & Sharon Shinn

Angels of Darkness - Ilona Andrews, Sharon Shinn, Nalini Singh,  Meljean Brook
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Angels of Darkness 

 Guild Hunter #3.5, Alphas #0.5, The Guardians #7.5, & Samaria  
 Ilona Andrews, Nalini Singh, Meljean Brook, & Sharon Shinn  
 Anthologies, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy  
 October 4th 2011  


Tales of alpha angels...from four alpha authors. 


They soar through the night, unearthly creatures of legends and lore. Four masters of urban fantasy and paranormal romance explore the rapture of the heavens above, and the darkness below in four all-new stories of angels and guardians, and good and evil.


Angel's Wolf by Nalini Singh — In the spellbinding universe of the Guild Hunters, a vampire becomes obsessed with the seductive angel who rules the Louisiana territory. But in her court, all is not what it appears to be.


Alphas: Origins by Ilona Andrews — A woman is kidnapped into a world divided by a superhuman civil war. As the captive of an irresistibly dangerous male, she has two choices: submit and become a pawn, or take hold of her own destiny.


Nocturne by Sharon Shinn — Accepting a position in a secluded and whispered-about mansion, a woman soon discovers the source of its mystery: the blind, tormented angel who lives there, and whose secrets could now destroy them both.


Ascension by Meljean Brook — When vampires disappear from a community he's protecting, a world-weary Guardian doesn't know what evil he's hunting, but he'd rather hunt alone than accept help from his ex-lover and fellow Guardian, Radha. But Radha refuses to leave him, because she's determined not just to help him save the community...but to save him.





Angels of Darkness is an Anthology full of four short stories from Ilona AndrewsNalini SinghMeljean Brook, and Sharon Shinn.


Meljean Brook and Sharon Shinn where new to me authors. I actually picked this book up to read Ilona Andrews, Origins; since it has been published on it’s own as well as wanting to read Nalini Singh, Angel’s Wolf; since I’m currently reading her Guild Hunter series.


Below Are Individual Reviews


Angel’s Wolf (Guild Hunter #3.5) by Nalini Singh


Rated 3.5 Stars – I enjoyed this short story. I liked both Nimra the Angel and Noel the Vampire. Nimra needs help and Raphael sends Noel, but he thinks he’s been cast aside; because of what happened to him. Both of them needed healing in different ways and they come to find what they need in each other.


Angel’s Wolf is a sweet, sad, and enjoyable read.


Alphas: Origins (Alphas #0.5) by Ilona Andrews


Rated 3.5 Stars – I enjoyed this short story. It’s darker then what I’m used to from the Andrews team. It was very interesting and the world is vast. I would love more, maybe a series, but at this time the Andrews team has no plans on writing more in this world/series. The heroine, she is thrown into a difficult situation and she coupes with it rather well, maybe to well. I enjoyed all the characters introduced. I just felt we needed more. We barely scratch the surface of this new world and the characters.


Alphas: Origins is an intense, stressful, and fast-paced adventure.


Nocturne (Samaria) by Sharon Shinn


Rated 3.5 Stars – I enjoyed this short story. It’s an interesting world and what we get makes me want to dig deeper into it. I liked the set up and characters. It’s unique in it’s portrayale of angels, angel-seekers, and humans. We have a sexy brooding angel and a daughter of an angel who is human. The romance for our leads, Corban and Moriah, blooms over time, which was nice to read. The slow burn and banter between the two made the romance believable. Both where looking for something and they found it in each other.


Nocturne is a sweet slow burn romance.


Ascension (The Guardians #7.5) by Meljean Brook


Rated 3 Stars – I enjoyed this short story. Marc and Radha are both Guardians, which means they are warriors given angelic powers to fight demons. These two have a past and it’s complicated. They end up working together to find the demon causing problems as well as who is killing supernaturals and humans. I did have trouble connecting to both Marc and Radha. It could be because they had a past or that this novella took place farthing in the series.


Ascension has a little mystery, drama, and whole lot of sexual tension.

All and all this anthology was ok! I don’t buying anthologies, but I do like to pick them up at the library. I sometimes find new authors in anthologies to try out.


Rated: 3 Angels of Darkness Stars


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