Review: Ashes of War (Sons of War #2) by Lia Davis

Ashes of War (Sons of War) - Lia Davis

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Ashes of War 

 Sons of War #2  
 Lia Davis  
 Paranormal Romance - Mythology - Dragons  
 After Glows  
 July 3rd 2015  


Ashlynn Blake, minor goddess of the hunt—lethal, beautiful, and able to connect with animals on a psychic level—is the perfect person to place judgment upon an accused dragon. But first she has to prove to the gods that Ty Sullivan is innocent of his crimes. If she fails, she’s doomed to lose her heart along with him forever. 


Ty’s been beaten, scarred, and betrayed by females. He doesn’t trust them, can’t stand being around them for longer than he or his dragon needs to be. Yet, when he meets Ashlynn, his dragon is ready to mate, but the man believes she’s no different than the others. 


The Fates have thrown them together, forcing secrets to be told and igniting a passion so fierce it may destroy both of them.





~ 4 Ashes of War Stars ~


Ashes of War is book two in the Sons of War series by Lia Davis. We pick up a few weeks after War’s Passion and continue in the fight agents Garrick.


Wow the plot thickens. We learn why Ash was sent to spy. We also learn a lot about Ty and the time he was tortured. During that time he lost a part of himself. The author did a great job building on the plot and characters. Their are so many surprises added into this story, that to talk about them, well would just spoil it for you, so all I can say is that I was going OMG and WOW with all the things revealed. We are also introduced to a few new characters that I look forward to reading more about.


As for the romance each couples romance builds in each novel, so I recommend reading in order. You will see the pull and character changes as things progress, new characters come into play, and plot twist get revealed. Ash and Ty’s romance was sweet. These two learn to trust and you see their character growth throughout the story. Both find what they need in each other. That peace and love. There are some hot scenes, but they don’t over take the story.


I had a great time reading Ashes of War and am looking forward to Zavier’s story. It looks like he is the next to fall for his mate!


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