Review: Stone-Cold Fox (Mai Hayashi #1) by Hailey Edwards

Stone-Cold Fox (Black Dog) - Hailey Edwards

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Stone-Cold Fox 

 Mai Hayashi #1  
 Hailey Edwards  
 Urban Fantasy - Young Adult - Supernatural - Paranormal  
 October 30th 2015  


Mai’s plans for a weekend of cosplay fun and games at Fan Expo come to a screeching halt when a smokin’ hot fae with a vendetta against her father decides the best revenge is claiming her for his own. 


Her father cost Ryuu everything: his home, his family…and his mate. Ryuu wants his pound of flesh, and he’s willing to take it out of Mai’s hide, bite by sensuous bite. 

While she’s quick to bare her teeth and snap at Ryuu’s gentling hand, she sheathes her claws once he offers her secrets about her life and her father that rock the foundation of her world. 


Caught between Ryuu’s tender persistence and her father’s iron will, Mai’s not sure who to trust, but before it’s all over this kitsune will show them both why she’s one stone-cold fox.





~ 2 Stone-Cold Stars ~


Stone-Cold Fox is a short quick read that takes place in the same world as the Black Dog series by Hailey Edwards.


If you have not read the Black Dog series then you should pick it up first. Mai is introduced to us in Dog with a Bone.


Mai is Thierry’s friend. She is also a strong independent women who has this drive to find her true mate, but doesn’t understand why she keeps searching so hard. Ryuu I didn’t like the guy, but we really don’t get to know him.


To start I don’t like how this story begins with Mai being kidnapped. Not a way to win your mate over. I felt that Mai deserved so much better then Ryuu. He didn’t handle things correctly and then close to the end he does a big no no, which hurts Mai deeply. Mai and Ryuu also don’t get a chance to grow closer together or to know each other. It’s like the story is an introduction to “How I Meet Your Mother (Mate),” but with all the wrong things happening. I just can’t see these two together.


The one thing I enjoyed the most was Thierry. She is there to help and support her friend in what every decision she makes. She also brings a little levity to a bad situation.


Stone-Cold Fox left me in the cold. I picked it up; because Mai has become a character I have come to love from the Black Dog series. I wanted to read her HEA, but I was disappointed in this short story and sad that it did not have the elements I have come to enjoy and love from this author.


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