Reading progress update: I've read 100%.

Sweep in Peace  - Ilona Andrews

I re-read Clean Sweep before picking Sweep In Peace up. I wanted to enjoy the beginning again and be up to date. It's not necessary, but I loved it all over.


OMG Sweep In Peace had me glued to the pages. This one was darker not because of violence, but because of the emotional up hevels that take place. I made sure to not read any reviews before going in. I wanted everything to be a surprise and it was. 


Fans of The Edge series (previous work of the Andrews team) may or may not recognize some characters that show up. I will tell you I did not recognize them until I read another reviews review and then I was like "Oh My", it's not the happy story I was hoping for for those characters. 


The Andrews team takes us on a heart wrenching journey of manipulation, deceit, and emotions. This is not a walk in the park. War has permanent consequences for the living and as a reader you can't escape this knowledge.


The Andrews team is one author that's a MUST READ!! This latest installment in the Innkeepers Chronicles is awesome, terrible, and will make you cry.. Full review to come.