Reading progress update: I've read 100%.

Gathering Darkness: A Paranormal Romance Collection - Sharon Kay Penman, A & C Black, Mina Carter, Jenika Snow, R.E. Butler, Charlie Daye, Anna Zaires, Dima Zales, Lili Saint Germain, Izzy Szyn

Just a ruff feel on each book I've read so far. Full reviews to come

The only two books worth reading are Captive's Kiss by Sharon Kay & Dragon's Chase by Mina Carter. A few you can pick up for free and the others have no depth or meat to them. I will be reading more by Ms. Kay & Ms. Carter. The others in this box set did not site well with me. If the blurbs intrigue I urge you to give them a try, just cause it did not work for me does not mean it won't for you. 

Captive's Kiss by Sharon Kay - 4 stars. Gives us a nice taste of the world and writing. Fans of her Solstice Prophecy & Watcher's Kiss series will love coming back to the world & characters.

Close Liasions by Anna Zaires & Dima Zakes - 1 Star. Read this a long time ago. It's a freebie, so I did not re-read. Did not enjoy plot. Could not connect to any of the characters. Heroine lacked intelligence, backbone, & conmen sense. Hero is a stalker, petty & a whining diva. Ending leaves us with questions.

The Time Stopper by Anna Zaires & Dima Zales - DNF after Ch. 1. Did not enjoy the writing style. Heroine not interesting enough. It's also a freebie. 

Shifted Undercover by C.E. Black - 3 Stats. Gives you a small taste of the world $ Alpha Division. Begging a little slow but picks up. It's quick and I'd have liked more on the courtship of our couple, but is an enjoyable read.

Captureing Her Bear by Charlie Daye - 3 Stars. The stars a little squeamish and we don't get answers on why people are being tested and captured, but it moves onto the main couple where their romance is a quick bloom. It was a sweet romance and I limed Torben giving Aspen time to decided espically with everything that happened to her. 

Bitten By Choice by Izzy Szyn - DNF after Ch. 1. I'm not into escort concept, so when I read the blurb it kinda turned me off. I gave it a try, but just couldn't get into the story. It sounds like it might inlaced menage, m/f/f/ and/or m/m when the author introduces us to the Dark Cravings escort service that caters to Vampires. Couldn't connect to the characters or direction it was going.

Let the Fur Fly by Jennika Snow - 2 Stars. It's erotic sex. Very quick and short. No plot. They where once friends, but then Beau pulled away. The girl comes into her matting heat and needs a male to easy the ace and the only one she wants is Beau. He wants to claim her during a time when she can't think straight??? Ehh!

Red's Wolf by Jennika Snow - 2 Stars. It's quick dirty sex. No plot or story. Characters don't know each other but they are mates and get down and dirty at first meeting. Another Ehh!

Walking Dead Girl by Lili Saint Germain - DNF at Ch. 20. Teenager Mia kidnapped by Vampires and then she is Turned against her will. The vampires are dark. Could not understand why Ryan who kidnapped her cares for Mia. All the characters sounded like teenagers even though some where turned in their 20's 30's. Drama Drama Drama. Not my thing. I really gave it a big try.

Dragon's Chase by Mina Carter - 4 Stars. Great plot, loads of action, faced-paced, and host sex. This one peeked my interest and I want to check out the other in the series. All the characters where interesting even the secondary ones. Even though this one picks up after the book before the author does a great job of getting us caught up that we don't feel like we are missing a thing. 

Zane by R.E. Butler - 2.5 Stars. It's an insta mate. No depth to the characters or getting to know each other. She accepts everything way to easily and it felt like she was being caged even though they say she can go places. We get like every cliche and cheesy line used in this story like him revealing himself then she says that's stye stuff of dreams or in romance novels. It had an interesting shifter concept, but no meat too it.