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Love The One You're Witch (Magically Yours Series Book 1) - Randa Flannery



Oh, this is a good one. Ten fun facts about Ana. Lets see…


She loves pranking people…but tends to go a bit overboard. This may or may not be why her parents moved to the other side of the country after she’d moved out.


She is double jointed on the three middle toes of her right foot, allowing her to wiggle them back and forth. Unfortunately, this has rather hair raising results in a magic sense.


She is slightly obsessed with werewolf romance novels and is firmly in the Team Jacob camp, though she wishes he would find someone better than Bella.


In high school, her friend Natalie was upset about not having a date to prom, so Ana set her up with her own date and went alone.


She flunked her Interpretive Dance final in college when she tried to explain the deep meaning behind the Macarena.


One Halloween, she was arrested for reanimating several bodies from the local cemetery in order for her and her friends to re-enact the dance from Michael Jackson’s Thriller. It. Was. Epic.


She eats marshmallow cream from the jar with a spoon and watches Arrow every Sunday night.


She occasionally brings Ollie to work with her just to mess with the werewolves in the office.


When she was four, she took her mother’s vacuum joy riding around the yard and accidentally sucked up the babysitter.


Ana’s first job was a dog groomer’s assistant when she was 18. She was fired when she magically neutered a werewolf client for trying to stick his nose somewhere rude.





Love the One You’re Witch

by Randa Flannery




GENRE: Paranormal Romance




Love The One You’re Witch


Sassy and snarky witch Anastasia Gregor does not work with vampires. Unfortunately, she forgot to tell her boss that. Now she’s up to her neck (pun intended) in the night walkers as she attempts to help one family fix their love lives.






~ 4 Love The One You’re Witch Stars ~


Love The One You’re Witch has a little witchy mystery and a sweet romance. I found myself spellbound.


The premise of the story was interesting. I found myself pulled in and could not put the novel down until the very end. It was a cute and sweet read. The wring style was easy, enjoyable, and fast paced.


The characters Anastasia and Lucas where intriguing. Anastasia is a witch who breaks spells that are placed on paranormals. She is sassy, snarky, and a smart ass plus a bad ass too. I enjoyed her dry sense of humor and attempts to get the vampires to laugh. I ended up laugh in many parts myself. Lucas is a vampire, tall, dark, and handsome. Who can resist that? He’s been looking for his fated mate. I enjoyed how he doesn’t use sex to convince Anastasia that they are mates. That he takes the time to talk, so they get to know each other and gives her the chance to choose. The romance was sweet and I felt for Ana when Lucas was under a spell. As to the mystery of who put a love spell on a harmless vampire, well it was a surprised as to who the villain was. The ending was also very satisfying.


Love The One You’re Witch was a sweet romance. I would love to see this series continue. It’s got lots of possibilities. If you are looking for a witchy romance, then you might enjoy this novel.


*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy provided by Icasm Press via NetGalley with the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.


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“Who would do this?” Dryfus persisted, his face dark and angry. “To steal another’s mate? What kind of person would do that?”


I shrugged and waved toward Lucas. “That’s a question we should probably ask Lucas. It was obviously someone he knows, since the spell was actually intended for him.”


The sexiest man alive…or sort of alive…started in surprise. “Me?”


“Well, obviously. It was your CD. It was in your house, among your music. The note was probably meant for you. Erica was just unlucky enough to take it from your room before the caster actually activated the spell.” This seemed like it should be common sense to me, but he seemed a little stunned.


The family trained their eyes on Lucas. “Who would do that?” Tanner questioned. “Who wants you, man?”


I snorted a laugh. “Seriously? Again, have you seen him?” Damn. I really need to stop talking. But then I realized that no one else was talking again, so I kind of had to. “Sorry.

That was not helpful. So, have you had any girls hanging around the last month and a half?”


The family shook off the surprise brought on by my lack of couth and began to think out loud.


“Brenda,” Tanner offered first. “And Lorrie.”


“I’ve seen Candace over a lot lately,” Dryfus added. “And the Carlton twins stopped by twice this week.”


Moira twisted her mouth in distaste. “Really, Lucas, the twins?” Then she shook her head and added her own. “Hannah, Natalia, and Victoria. And what is that new girl’s name? Denise or Delilah?”


“It was Dixie,” her mate provided.


Of course it was, I thought sourly. With each name, my stomach sank more until it was finally in the heels of my boots. I told myself it was because it would make my job more difficult. Because it shouldn’t have been shocking or upsetting at all to learn that the hot vampire guy with the intense green gaze was a playboy. I couldn’t resist a little snark, however, when the list we compiled had reached fifteen.


“Wow. So I guess Wiccans aren’t the only ones who have trouble with monogamy.”


He cast a dark look around at his family. “I haven’t been with all of those girls,” he snapped, frustration spiking in his aura. “And the ones I have been with would not have been wrong, since I wasn’t part of a mated pair or otherwise in a committed relationship.”


I shrugged with a nonchalance I usually didn’t have to work at. “Hey, no judging from me. Like I said, I can see the draw.” I winked to add a little insult to injury, totally objectifying him even as my stomach twisted.


“I see,” he returned in that deep and dangerously smooth tone I liked. “So would you like on the list, Anastasia?”


My name sounded like a caress and I resisted the urge to purr. This guy was too much. “Actually, no. I prefer my partners a little more lively.” I snickered at my own pun. I can be pretty funny.


“Was that a joke about us being dead?” Tanner asked with a wary glance around.


“Not all of us,” Moira responded wryly. “I’m pretty sure that was aimed specifically at Lucas.”


I continued to grin. “Sorry, we Wiccans might do some strange things, but I draw the line at necrophilia.”


Another pregnant silence followed, broken only by his growl.





Randa Flannery


Randa Flannery has an a degree in English and writes a variety of romantic fiction, including suspense, comedy, and urban fantasy. Randa is a member of the Romance Writers of America and lives as an expat with her husband and children in FuYang, China.








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