Reading progress update: I've read 368 out of 368 pages.

Dragon Fall - Katie MacAlister

~ 3.5 Stars ~ I Liked it. I was excited to return to MacAlisters Dragons. I enjoyed all the previous dragon books before this one.

I would say you don't have to have read the previous dragon books (we get enough of an introduction into the world MacAlister has created), but I feel it helps if you read the others (you might get more enjoyment out of the novel). The previous novels give you more of an overview of how the world is set up, all the different dragon sects and some previous characters make appearances and play some big parts in this novel. Even though I have read all the dragon books I felt I was missing something with this curse plot. It might have to do with how long in-between releases of the books (last one was in 2012)

Kostya & Aoife where enjoyable as characters. We get to learn/understand Kostya throughout the other dragon books as for Aoife (what it up with that name) was ok. I enjoy the banter/humor between the characters and the relationship growth.

Full review to come.