Review: Fighting for Her Dragon (Dragon Guards #7) by Julia Mills

Fighting For Her Dragon (Dragon Guard Series Book 7) - Julia Mills, Lisa Miller, Linda Boulanger

Fighting For Her Dragon
(Dragon Guards #7)
By Julia Mills


There Are No Coincidences….
Given a fairy tale life by the clan of dragon shifters that rescued her as a little girl, Emma Sinclair long ago accepted she might never solve the mystery of her heritage. Of course, that was before she could feel the traitor’s pain, before she knew he was slipping away. And before the unthinkable happened… he called to her in the language of his kin.


The Universe Does Not Make Mistakes…
Captured by his brothers. Imprisoned in a cave. Bound in silver chains. Andrew knew his days were numbered. He accepted his fate. Knew he was getting what he deserved. Hallucinations of his long dead parents were his only solace in the debris of a wasted life. Then the scent of salt, sun and fresh air entered his prison. The fragrance stirred visions of expressive brown eyes, a smile that rivaled the sun and a voice that was a balm to his tattered soul. He clung to the memory of her. She became his lifeline…his only hope of survival…


Fate Will Not Be Denied…
One doomed dragon shifter. One very special woman. One destiny no one could have predicted. Will they save dragon kin or destroy it?






~ 4 Fighting Stars ~


Fighting for her Dragon is book seven in the Dragon Guards series by Julia Mills and is best if you read the series in order to understand the character dynamics and dragon world.


I was surprised to find out that book seven in the Dragon Guards series would be about Andrew, the traitor. Throughout this series he is the bad guy with no remorse, lots of self pitting, and this feeling of entitlement, because he is the Special One, which he feels gives him the ability to do whatever he wants. I could not see any redeemable qualities in him, until now. He still feels all of these things, but you start to see a change in him especially when his mate, Emma, comes into the picture. Her light starts to heal his dark soul. She kicks ass and fights for her mate, when everyone else has given up on him. Things move fast, with twist, turns, and surprises plus finally we get to hear the Prophecy in its entirety. Also we get to learn how special Sydney is. I was captivated and emotional entangled from the first to the last page.


Last I liked that the author added an index of the Original Dragon kin language, but I found it very hard with an eReader to jump back and forth in the book to find out what some of the characters where saying. This is one of those instances where I wish I had the book instead of the eCopy.


Fighting for her Dragon was an emotional journey of healing, forgetting the past, and looking to the future. I look forward to more from JMills. She had me crying, laughing, and screaming throughout. I hope this is not the end?


* Disclaimer: I received a complementary review copy from the author and I also bought an eCopy before it arrived. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.


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