Review: Magic Slays (Kate Daniels #5) by Ilona Andrews

Magic Slays -  Ilona Andrews

Magic Slays 


Kate Daniels #5

Genre: Urban Fantasy – Parnormal Romance – Shapeshifters – Magic

Published: June 2011

by Ilona Andrews 

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Kate Daniels narrates Atlanta detective agency start with best pal Andrea, half-beast rejected from the Order. Kate’s passionate Mate is Beast Lord Curran, so Keep politics intervene. She won’t kill children, so Aunt B assigns half-bouda bodyguards, spoiled Ascanio 15, Derek 19. First case is vanished inventor and Doomsday Device. Ward Julie runs from school, again.




~ 5 Magic Slays Stars ~
(Some Spoilers) – tried to keep it minimal 


Another winner in the Kate Daniels series. WOW just WOW!


Magic Slays brings us a new threat that threatens the very fabric of magic, alliances will be made, people will die, lives will be change forever, and no one will be left without scares.


Lordy, so much is going on in Magic Slays. I just love this series to death and once I pick up any book in it I can’t put it down until the very end. Re-reading this book over still had the same affect as it did when I first read it. Mind Blowing! 


(Possible Spoilers Ahead)


Kate is now mated and living with The Best Lord (Curran), but many of the shifters manly the Wolf Clan still don’t like her. This is partly because she is human (little do they know what she truly is), but also because some bad shit happened in Magic Bleeds that affected the Wolf Alpha pair. Kate now has her own PI business that will benefit her and the Pack. Andrea returns from being MIA and we learn where she has been, what happened to her, and that she no longer has a job with the Order. These two have a good friendship and they work well together. Julie also makes more of an appearance in Magic Slays and we see the relationship she has with Kate. Something very bad happens to Julie and Kate must make a very big and hard decision that could kill Julie or both of them.


Our heroine learns some disturbing news about her step-father Vorn. The past is not as rosy as she thought and what she learns affects her deeply. Her world view tumbles downhill and what she thought she new was not true. With this new information about her step-dad and mom, she will question herself about why Curran is with her? I absolutely love that Curran lays it all out for Kate and chooses her over the Pack. He will stick by her through think or thin, run with her if that is what she wants, and will do anything for her.


Magic Slays is another fabulous read in the Kate Daniels series and fans will enjoy the new twists, turns, and action-packed adventure.


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