ARC Early Review: A Highlander’s Passion (Highlander’s Beloved #2) by Vonnie Davis

A Highlander's Passion: A Highlander's Beloved Novel - Vonnie Davis

A Highlander's Passion


Highlander's Beloved #2

By: Vonnie Davis

Releasing April 7th, 2015





Two of the wildest hearts in Scotland fight for their destiny in this searing-hot romance, sure to be devoured by fans of Jennifer Ashley’s Shifters Unbound series and Shelly Laurenston’s Pride Stories.


As a bear-shifter in a pack roaming the Scottish countryside, Bryce Matheson embodies brute force and untamed abandon. As a widower, he’s running scared. When Bryce attempted to open his scarred heart to another, she grew tired of waiting for him to state his intentions, and the unearthly beauty spurned him for someone who wasn’t worthy. But now that fate has conspired to set Kenzie Denune free once again, Bryce vows to finally win her love.


Kenzie is a witch who summons her powers to protect those too weak to care for themselves. After surviving an abusive husband, she swears off men—even men like Bryce, whose iron muscles make her knees weak, and who’s piercing eyes fill her with longing. Her life’s purpose is to help others. However, dark forces have different plans for her gifts. To save herself, Kenzie must team up with the shifter who has always stirred her soul—and trust in a passion powerful enough to set her blood aflame.



~ 4.5 Highlander’s Passion Stars ~ 


A Highlander’s Passion is book two in the Highlander’s Beloved series by Vonnie Davis. Don’t miss out on the emotional journey through the hearts of a witch and bear shifter.


Oh Lordy, Ms. Davis had me hooked from the first page to the last. I could not put A Highlander’s Passion down. She had me laughing, crying, and doing both at the same time. So many emotions from heartache, sadness, joy, excitement, hope, surprises both good and bad; plus a good doses of humor and romance happen in this fantastic tail.


Bryce is our sexy bear shifter who has some commitment problems. Then their is Kenzie our Wiccan who has some deep trust issues. These two have a very big history together. I enjoy it when a couple has a history and you finally get to see them work things out and come together. Both Kenzie and Bryce have emotional scares from each other and others in their past to deal with. The history they have as well as the secrets, where hard to read, but so worth it to see them help heal each other and come together. The healing they go through was a journey in itself. One of my favorite parts is when they are saying goodbye to two little ones they lost and loved. You will know the moment I am talking about. Ms. Davies had me in tears it was so heartbreaking and thoughtful. 


I enjoyed the secondary characters just as much as the leads. Grandma Effie is just a hoot. I loved her in A Highlander’s Obsession and I feel in love with her all over again here. We get a few surprises from her. Things we may not have known we learn. I love how she brings humor to the story and her free-spirt. Colleen, Bryce’s daughter, was just adorable. I loved this kid. The things she said and did where great. One of my favorite part’s with her was at the end. Oh sweet heaven help me her speech she did had me laughing so hard I was in tears. That child is just too adorable. 


A few things I noticed/bothered me: 


Why do authors feel the need to give extra names to characters? It get’s to be confusing. The Wiccan’s in this story have their birth name, then when they become Wiccan they are bestowed two additional names, which are their Wiccan names. Then we have Effie giving Kenzie a nickname. Now that I can see, but with all the names it’s just a little to confusing. 


The other thing that got to me was how Fauste got his hands on Kenzie so easily. Everyone knows she is in danger from him and they are very big on family and protection, so why did she not have an escort/protection with her when she was walking around. It made no sense to me that they would not have her be with someone when Fauste is out to get her. 


I loved A Highlander’s Passion. What is not to love. We have some very sexy Highlander bear shifters, great fun loving characters, and a sweet romance. After reading this one I felt the need to go back and re-read book one again as well as this one. It was that good. I can’t wait for more books in this series.


Disclaimer: ARC provided by Random House Publishing Group – Loveswept via NetGalley with the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.


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