ARC Review: Angel Kin (Angel Assassins, #1) by Tricia Skinner

Angel Kin - Tricia Skinner
Angel Kin
While channeling Robin Hood’s “steal from the rich and give to the poor” attitude at a local politician’s house, ex-con Katie Logan witnesses a forced suicide. Dirty or not, supernatural or not, he didn’t deserve to die, especially not by his own hand. But with her record, stepping forward as a witness isn’t an option. On the run from the police and the murderer, she turns to The Bound Ones for help.

When a beautiful woman comes to The Bound Ones, half-angel assassin Cain is immediately drawn to her. But when she fingers him as the killer, he can come to only one conclusion. The twin he thought was dead is very much alive…and trying to send him a message. Unfortunately, that message is: “You’re next.”

It’s a race against time as Cain fights to save the woman he’s falling in love with before his brother Abel destroys them both.
~ 4.5 Angel Stars ~

ARC Review

This is my first experience with Tricia Skinner and I loved it!  I am going to be reading the prequel Angel Bait and will be checking out the next book in the Angel Assassins series Angel Lover

Angel Kin is a re-launch and a fabulous read! I enjoyed every minute, the characters are interesting and the world is remarkable. We get murder, action, suspense, sibling rivalry and romance to name a few things brought to us in this amazing first book.

I was blown away within the first chapter and sitting on the edge of my seat until the very end. The world is made up of all types of creatures and humans know about them. Angel Kin is about Cain, a Nephilim assassin (half angel/half human) and Katie, a not-so reformed thief. Cain is oh so scrumptious with his tortured past and bad boy attitude. Katie is an oddity. Not sure how I feel about her, but I did enjoy reading about her. 

Katie witness a murder and is lead to The Bound Ones for protection, but she finds a man who looks just like the killer with them. (Can we say freak out!) Who is this mysterious look a like? The emotions between Cain and Katie where realistic from tenderness, trust, acceptance, intimacy, to love. It was nice to watch/read their relationship bloom. 

The Bound Ones are an interesting bunch and I can’t wait to learn about each brother. It would have been nice to see more of the brother’s bond in this story. Each of The Bound Ones have a past that is not pleasant. We learn some interesting things about them, but it is not clear as to why. I’m hoping more is revealed in the rest of the books. 

Angel Kin is a fantastic fun adventurous read! The story moved at a good pace there was plenty of action and some romance with at least one good steamy scene. I recommend reading this series if you enjoy Angels as well as any urban fantasy/paranormal romance fans. I look forward to continuing this series.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary ARC copy free of charge from the author with the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own opinion.


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