Review: Reaper’s Justice (Shadow Reapers, #1) by Sarah McCarty

Reaper's Justice (The Shadow Reapers) - Sarah McCarty
Reaper’s Justice
An exciting new paranormal historical romance series set in post- Civil War America. 

When the War Between the States came to its end, the battle inside Isaiah Jones raged on. Neither fully human nor fully wolf, he found his peace-and the passion his inner wolf craved-with Adelaide Cameron. Though their union was forbidden by the werewolf soldiers, Isaiah satisfied his urges by guarding her from afar. But when Adelaide is abducted, Isaiah must not only expose his dark nature, but invite her into the shadows with him.
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~ 3 Reaper Stars ~ 
This is my first experience reading author Sarah McCarty as well as my first experience with a historical paranormal romance. I’m not quite sure how I feel about Reaper’s Justice. It’s got wolf shifter’s, cowboy’s and the old west. Things I enjoy reading about. 
Isaiah, a Reaper, is sweet and dominant, he has a brutal past, has trouble coming to terms with the wolf inside him, but is protective of one women that has calmed his inner best. 
Addy is strong yet has some issues, with a past that is never fully explained only hinted at, she still manages to keep her cool when most women in that time period and situation would have given into hysterics. 
Some interesting characters are introduced to us along the way. We meet Billings/Blade another Reaper, who shows up at odd times, has some witty comments and played a roll in helping Isaiah and Addy out. I am interested in reading his story. We are also introduced to Cole and Reese, Addy’s cousins, who are very protective of her almost to the point of suffocation. It felt a little short meeting the cousins and it was never fully explained how Reese new so much about Reapers or how Cole could hold his own with a Reaper. I wonder if their is more to this?
The intimacy between Addy and Isaiah was quick, though Isaiah has been watching over Addy for a year in secret, they only had been together for a day before hitting the sack, but it did not feel like an insta-love thing. It felt right and the love grew over time as they both got to know each other. The only thing that bothered me was the descriptive monolog it was a little much at times. I wanted more spoken blurbs between the characters. The action was intense just not as much as I would have liked or felt should have been in the book. 
By the end I had a few questions: Wanted more explanation on the Reapers, their Council and laws as well as Addy’s cousins. I don’t like to have questions at the end, but sometimes it just happens with a book. Maybe it’s because I’m not used to historical paranormal romances or maybe this genre is not my thing. Reaper’s Justicewas an ok start to the Shadow Reaper series. It’s not a book I would read again. 

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