Mini Reviews: Sneaking a Peek by Eden Summers

Sneaking a Peek - Eden Summers

Sneaking a Peek


She’s either headed for jail…or for the best sex of her life.

Tarney Jensen has been crushing on sexy firefighter Ethan Reid, her best friend’s brother, since her sixteenth birthday. She knows acting on her attraction will ruin their friendship, but she can’t fight the temptation of his sweat-slicked skin as he works out. Every hot-blooded woman loves to drool over a sexy piece of man flesh, but watching one from the shadows of your porch when he has no idea you’re spying on him? Totally illegal.

For years Ethan has watched men go in and out of Tarney’s life, but how’s a guy supposed to put the moves on his kid sister’s best friend without looking like a perv? But when Tarney lets out an ear-piercing scream from her front yard, Ethan drops everything to rush to her aid. And finds out that the woman of his dreams has been sneaking a peek at his workouts.

My Review

3.5 Sneaking Stars

A quick, cute, hot & steamy read! The author Eden Summers has a wonderful gift for working humor into a scene without it feeling cheesy or forced. Though the story is short, the connection between the characters was intense with there undeniable sexual desires.

I recommend this book for anyone wanting a good fireman erotic romance.


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