Review: Bodyguard (Shifters Unbound, #2.5) by Jennifer Ashley

Bodyguard - Jennifer Ashley
~ 5 Bodyguard Stars ~

Bodyguard is #2.5 in Jennifer Ashley Shifters Unbound series. Each novella can be read only, but they fit perfectly in the book series. I get goosebumps every time I read Bodyguard. It is my favorite novella next to Hard Mated in the Shifter Unbound series. I just want a sexy lovable bear shifter all too myself. 

Jennifer Ashely knows how to write a story. The written flows, the characters are interesting, and the world building is exquisite. She knows how to pull you into her world and shows you that shifters have much more power then humans believe. The mate-bond is explained remarkably well. The Romance between Elizabeth and Ronan is sweet and there love making is sensual. 

I just want to eat Ronan up. He is delicious and oh so caring! He adopted a bunch of cubs that have had traumatic experiences and are facing problems like Cherie with her PTSD, Rebecca’s PMS, and the boys Olaf and Scott’s night terror dreams. He knows just want to do to help each one out and makes a loving and caring home for them. 

Olaf is adorable! When he is introduced you can’t help but fall in love with this cub. I just love seeing him and how he attaches himself to Elizabeth. 

Elizabeth is cautious and does not trust easily, but when she meets Ronan he knows just what to do to break down her walls. Experience has taught her you don’t trust anyone for any reason. People will turn on you once they are done with your problems. She longs for security and safety.

I loved this part in Bodyguard where Ronan is trying to make Elizabeth feel comfortable on their ride to shiftertown. She has just dealt with a man trying to robe and kill her, going to the courtroom to help Ronan out and getting a call that her sister is in danger. 
“”You’ve heard the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears?”
“Sure, but what has that got to do with–”
“That story is total bullshit.” Ronan laughed, the rumble of it filling the truck. “At my house, nothing’s too hard or too soft. Everything is just right.””

I also adored how Elizabeth describes Ronan “He had one tatt, a Celtic interlocking pattern that laced across the small of his back. His buzzed short hair was dark brown, almost black, but highlights of light brown. His bear’s fur had the same rippling, rich brown color.” 

I recommend picking up Shifters Unbound series. The novellas are heartwarming and easy to read. We are introduced to shifters of all kinds in this series, we get heartwarming romances, and a little action. It’s a fun light romance read!

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