Review: Fate’s Edge (The Edge, #3) by Ilona Andrews

Fate's Edge -  Ilona Andrews
~ 4.5 Fates Stars ~

Love the world! Love the characters!

Whether you are following along in order or you have never read any of the books in this series, you will not miss a thing and never be lost. I thoroughly enjoy the writing team of Ilona Andrews. They know how to bring a world to life with such amazing descriptions. I feel like I am being taking away into The Edge for the first time. We are pulled right back into The Edge on a fun filled adventure. From the first page to the last you will be hanging onto your seat. 

Fate’s Edge is book three in The Edge series. This is Kaldar Mar’s story. Kaldar is always looking for the next adventure and the next con. He’s what we would call a smooth criminal. He will not hesitate to use his charisma and good looks to get what he wants. He has become a member of the Mirror, to gain the means to seek revenge, but he never expect to run across a women who will change his life. I enjoyed Kaldar and his smooth ways as well as his magical skill. 

Audrey is a very fascinating women. Her family are grifters, thieves, and always looking for the next big score. She is very aware of the consequences of that type of life and has tried to make an honest life for herself, but one visit from her father will change all of this, putting her life in danger and putting a man in her path that will change everything. I liked Audrey, she is strong, understands the life of a grifter and has a very unique magical skill. 

I relished the con story-line! It’s smart, interesting and created a perfect pathway for the hero and heroine to fall in love. Audrey and Kaldar complemented each other, kept each other on their toes, and built a compatible relationship. They are very similar and so in tune with one another that working as a team was a dream. 

The kids, Jack and George, were great additions to this book. We get to see them grow up more. They added humor, heart, and made what was once a bunch of misfits, a team. They also added a great presence in this story that I thoroughly adored. 

If you’re a fan of urban fantasy romance, then make sure you check out The Edge series. We get a delightful adventure, slick hero’s, and happy endings.


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