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Read this tag on Rantings of a Reading Addict and she found it on The Book NutHere are my answers to the questions. I’d love to hear from you on what your answers would be. Feel free to pick up the questions and write your own post or leave a comment below!


What are your top three book pet hates?


  1. Folded pages
  2. Writing in a book
  3. Broken spines


Describe your perfect reading spot.


Any cozy spot I can curl up with a blanket. Below is a reading nook I’d love to have as my own one day.



Tell us three book confessions.


  1. I love a fabulous book sale. I see an ebook on sale and I can’t resist, especially if it’s one I’ve loved and want to add to my shelf or just one on my TBR.
  2. I smell books. I love the smell of new and old books.
  3. In my favorite series. Ones I LOVE and read over and over I will buy them in paperback and eBook, just to have an option on how I want to read.


When was the last time you cried at a book?



How many books are on your bedside table?


None currently on my bedside table, but I do have a box full of books I won, bought or where gifted that I need to read in my reading book room. I also have my iPhone or iPad which has my reading apps on it, so my eBooks are with me at all times.


My box of books to read.


What is your favorite snack whist you’re reading?


  • Drink: Tea, Coffee, Diet Coke, or Water.
  • Food: Chips, Milk Duds, or Popcorn.


Name three books you’d recommend to everyone.


I recommend the series for each of these books. Men of Honor by Rhenna Morgan, Katie Daniels by Ilona Andrews, and Dragon Kin by G.A. Aiken. Though I have several others I’d recommend along side of these so stop by my Must Read page and check out all the books/series I’ve loved.





Show us a picture of your favorite shelf on your bookcase.


This bookcase/shelf houses all of my favorites to read and re-read. These are my beautiful books. It growes when I add to a series or find something new that I’ve fallen in love with it. For the most part I gift my books away or donate them to my library when I’m done, bet these lovely beauties below are my PRECIOUS books I will die before parting with. 



Bottom R


Top L


Top of Shelf


Top R


Write how much books mean to you in 3 words.


Addicting Magical Distractions


What’s your biggest reading secret?


Hmmm. I don’t have a reading secret unless you want to count me not reading Fifty Shades or watching the movies. I have no desire to get on that bandwagon. Though I did and am a Twilight and Harry Potter fan. Books and Movies, both for those series. 



I was born and raised in Northern Indiana. I’m an outdoor sun loving reader living near San Fransisco. I’m a mother, wife, dog owner, animal, and book lover. I’m the owner, reviewer, and mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. My favorite animals are horses & dogs. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy. My favorite shifters are dragons!

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Angel’s Weekly & Buy The Books: 11/13 – 11/18


Nov. 13th, 2017



Duchess by Day, Mistress by Night (Rebellious Desires #1) by Stacy Reid



Nov. 14th, 2017



The Bed Mate (Roommates #3.5)(1001 Dark Nights) by Kendall Ryan
Justice for Erin (Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes #9) by Susan Stoker
Twisted Truths (Blood Brothers #3) by Rebecca Zanetti
At Your Service (Masters and Mercenaries #14.5) by Lexi Blake
Cherish Hard (Hard Play #1) by Nalini Singh
Seducing the Defendant (Conflict of Interest #2) by Chantal Fernando
Bodyguard (Hollywood A-List #2) by C.D. Reiss
Leap of the Lion (The Wild Hunt Legacy #4) by Cherise Sinclair
Licking Fire: A Howls Romance (Stop Dragon My Heart Around #3) by Mandy M. Roth
Whichwood (Furthermore) by Tahereh Mafi
Twisted: Bitter Harvest by Anne Gimpel
Alec Mackenzie’s Art of Seduction (Mackenzies & McBrides #9) by Jennifer Ashley
Highland Ruse (The Mercenary Maidens #2) by Madeline Martin
Light of My Heart ( Duke of Rutland #2) by Elizabeth St. Michel
How to Woo a Wallflower (Romancing the Rules #3) by Christy Carlyle


Nov. 17th, 2017



Burn in Hail (Hail Raisers #3) by Lani Lynn Vale



Nov. 18th, 2017



Alpha Bet by Milly Taiden



Some titles you might be interested in.










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I was born and raised in Northern Indiana. I’m an outdoor sun loving reader living near San Fransisco. I’m a mother, wife, dog owner, animal, and book lover. I’m the owner, reviewer, and mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. My favorite animals are horses & dogs. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy. My favorite shifters are dragons!

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ARC Review: Justice for Corrie (Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes #3) by Susan Stoker

Justice for Corrie (Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes Book 3) - Susan Stoker
Justice for Corrie

Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes #3
Susan Stoker
Romantic Suspense - Contemporary Romance
Stoker Aces Production LLC
March 8th 2016
ARC Review Copy


Blind since birth, Corrie Madison relies on her other sharpened senses in her job as a chiropractor. Never did she imagine she’d have to depend on them to identify a killer. But when a man enters her practice, murdering everyone in his path, Corrie is the only witness—putting her directly in the killer’s crosshairs.


Officer Quint Axton wasn’t looking for love, or even a relationship, until he meets Corrie. Beautiful and brave, resilient and intelligent, she’s everything Quint wants—if he can keep her alive long enough to explore their mutual attraction. The threats on Corrie’s life are escalating. Surely a blind person is helpless against a ruthless killer?


Hardly. Corrie is about to prove that disabled does not equal defenseless.


**Justice for Corrie is the 3rd book in the Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes Series. Each book is a stand-alone, with no cliffhanger endings.




Barnes & Noble




Justice for Corrie was a satisfying read. It gives us a women who is blind, but has witnessed a murder.


Color me intrigued just from the blurb and this idea of a blind character. I’ve showcased Ms. Stoker on my blog and each time I tell myself I’m going to try one of her books. For those that know me Contemporary Romance is not my genre of choice, but I do like to give them a try now and then.


Justice for Corrie was one I really wanted to try; because of our heroine, Corrie, who has been blind since birth. I wanted to see how the author portrayed her and her disability. It’s not easy to write about a character with a disability, but I have to say Ms. Stoker did a stunning job with this aspect of the story. This different angle gave me insight into how other people live. You get to see Corrie’s daily life, her insecurities, her frustrations, and what she has done to adapt and become a strong independent women.


Quinn was a likable character. He’s a police officer, he’s alpha, strong, and protective. I enjoyed his relationship with Corrie. I liked how he interacted with her. He was genuinely interested in her and sees her blindness as part of her rather then something negative.


I had a delightful time reading Justice for Corrie. The unique romance, suspense, action and emotions all added up to an enjoyable read.


Note: Can be read as a stand alone. Books in this series do not have to be read in order.


Rated: 3 Stars


*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy provided by Susan Stoker via RockStarLit with the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.


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Book 1: Justice for Mackenzie – FREE
Book 2: Justice for Mickie
Book 3: Justice for Corrie
Book 4: Justice for Laine
Book 5: Shelter for Elizabeth
Book 6: Justice for Boone
Book 7: Shelter for Adeline
Book 8: Shelter for Sophie
Book 9: Justice for Erin (Coming Nov. 2017)
Book 10: Justice for Milena (Coming 2018)



Challenge(s): New To Me (Author/Series) | Pick Your Genre (CR) | Backlist Reader (2017)





I was born and raised in Northern Indiana. I’m an outdoor sun loving reader living near San Fransisco. I’m a mother, wife, dog owner, animal, and book lover. I’m the owner, reviewer, and mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. My favorite animals are horses & dogs. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy. My favorite shifters are dragons!

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Excerpt: Hooked On A Witch (Keepers Of The Veil) by Zoe Forward (Tour) ~ Giveaway

from award winning author
Zoe Forward
Zoe Forward
Series: Keepers of the Veil Book 4

Genre:†Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy

Publication Date: September 11, 2017 
The witch hunter can’t fall for the witch.
Pleiades witch Shannon Randolph has been framed for a theft she didn’t do. She has one week to return a stolen relic to the god it belongs or she will be executed. What’s worse? Evil magic-wielding wackos are coming out of the woodwork after her to get it. But the biggest danger is Merck. This sexy, dangerous witch-hunter who understands all forms of magic might be her only hope. Enlisting his help may require she be a very naughty witch.
The moment Shannon strolls back into Jason Merck’s life he’s in trouble. There’s something about the witch he can’t resist, but he must. The witch hunter cannot date the witch.


Purchase Links

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo

Take an inside look at Hooked on a Witch. Read this sizzling excerpt from the book.
“I know a lot about magic, darlin’. I know who likes black magic and who does only good magic.” That was a truth stretch. He only knew when someone killed, thanks to the visions. When close to a person who used magic, he could usually detect what kind they’d practiced most recently. From her, though, he couldn’t tell anything, probably because his balls were in a wad.
“I think you like the hint of badness that comes from being a called a witch.” He waited, hoping she’d fill him in on how much badness was black magic and how much was sexy wickedness. The latter he could handle and would be a willing participant. Her using evil magic, maybe not a death ritual yet, but still, the darker side of magic, he didn’t want to hear.
“So, you’re the Santa Claus of the magic world with a naughty-and- nice list?”
“This Santa kills those on the naughty list and doesn’t bring gifts to those who behave. Which list do you think you’re on?”
She glared, but didn’t answer. “You kill people like necromancers? They always use death energy for power.”
He wanted to hit his head on the steering wheel. Would she just answer the question? “Sometimes. They don’t always need a death ritual, though.”
“I guess it makes sense there’d be someone out there designated to keep this in check. I haven’t run across very many truly evil magical people. Sounds like a dangerous job. How do you find them?”
He shrugged.
“Why am I not on your kill list if you think I’m a bad witch?”
His heart hammered his ribs to the point of pain. Best to just throw it out there. “Do you and the other six Pleiades witches do evil things that put people at risk or kill people?”
She frowned and shook her head. “We try not to get noticed. Hurting people would definitely get us noticed. However, one of us is an ex- MI6 agent who still goes after the lowest of the low in society. Guess that counts.”
She hadn’t said she wouldn’t do it at some point in the future, but at least she hadn’t misused magic yet. His shoulder muscles loosened. “I’m sure you could be a wicked witch…”
Her cheeks flushed and she muttered, “Wouldn’t you like to know.”
Yeah, he would.


Don’t miss the other books in the Keepers of the Veil series.
Seven human descendants of Pleiades goddesses live as the chosen guards of the veil between our world and that of the ancestors. Hunted by witch hunters they must be protected. If one dies, the veil falls, allowing the dead to cross. Their ultimate protector is their destined mate. Only, finding him is a task the gods never make easy.


Contest runs from November 8 – 14, 2017.
a Rafflecopter giveaway



Zoe Forward

Award winning author, Zoe Forward is a hopeless romantic who can’t decide between paranormal and contemporary romance. So, she writes both. Her novels have won numerous awards including the Readers Choice Heart of Excellence, Golden Quill, Carolyn Readers Choice Award, and the Booksellers Best Award.
When she’s not typing at her laptop, she’s tying on a karate belt for her son or cleaning up the newest pet mess from the menagerie that occupies her house. She’s a small animal veterinarian caring for a wide range of furry creatures, although there has been the occasional hermit crab.
She’s madly in love with her globe trotting conservation ecologist husband who plans to save all the big cats on the planet, and she’s happiest when he returns to their home base.
WebsiteBlog – Newsletter – Facebook – Twitter – Goodreads
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Excerpt: The Sea King by C.L. Wilson (Tour)


The Sea King


Weather Mages of Mystral 
Book Two
C. L. Wilson
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Avon Books
Date of Publication: 10/31/2017
ISBN: 9780062018984
ASIN: 0062018981
Number of pages: 608


Tagline: From the New York Times bestselling author of The Winter King comes a breathtaking new tale of love and adventure set in the mystical land of Mystral


Book Description:


He wasn’t supposed to choose her…


Seafaring prince Dilys Merimydion has been invited to court the three magical princesses of Summerlea. To eradicate the pirates threatening Calberna and to secure the power of the Sea Throne, Dilys vows to return home with a fierce warrior-queen as his bride. But politics has nothing to do with unexpected temptation.


She didn’t dare wed him…


A weathermage like her sisters, Gabriella Coruscate’s gentleness exemplifies the qualities of her season name, Summer. Yet her quiet poise conceals dangerous powers she cannot begin to wield. Better to live without excitement, she reasons, than risk her heart and lose control—until an irresistible Sealord jolts her awake with a thunderclap of raw desire.


Until evil threatens everything they hold dear…


When pirates kidnap Summer and her sisters, Dilys begins a desperate quest to save the woman he loves. Only by combining his command of the seas with the unleashed fury of Summer’s formidable gifts can they defeat their brutal enemies and claim the most priceless victory of all: true love.



HarperCollins – Amazon – Google Play – Apple – B & N – Kobo 




You can get off me now,” she ordered, mimicking Autumn’s haughtiest tone.

He didn’t move. Instead, he locked his gaze on hers and, with slow deliberation, laid his left wrist flat against her right.

Summer sucked in a breath and went rigid be- neath him as a fresh surge of energy shot through her. Only this time, instead of an electric thunderclap that stunned the senses, this surge fired up every sen- sual cell in her body. If Dilys hadn’t been straddling her, she would have wrapped her legs around his waist and dragged him down atop her. As it was, she burned for him in the worst way. The way his nostrils flared and his tattoos went bright with a fresh burst of phosphorescent blue light only fanned the flames of her desire. She wanted to command him to touch her . . . to kiss her. Her gift of Persuasion flared, bringing the words and the magic to the tip of her tongue. 



C. L. WILSON grew up camping and waterskiing across America, from Cherry Creek reservoir in Denver, CO, to Lake Gaston on the border of Virginia and North Carolina, to Georgia’s Lake Lanier and Lake Allatoona. When she wasn’t waterskiing and camping on family vacations, you could usually find her with a book in one hand and a sketch pad in the other—either reading, writing stories, or drawing. 


Sometime around the ninth grade, she decided she was better at drawing her pictures with words than paints and charcoals, and she set aside her sketchpad to focus entirely on writing. Wilson is active in Tampa Area Romance Authors (TARA), her local chapter of Romance Writers of America. 


When not engaged in writerly pursuits, she enjoys golfing, swimming, reading, playing video games with her children, and spending time with her friends and family. She is also an avid collector (her husband says pack rat!), and she’s the proud owner of an extensive collection of Dept. 56 Dickens and North Pole villages, unicorns, Lladro figurines, and mint condition comic books. 


Wilson currently resides with her husband, their three wonderful children, and their little black cat, Oreo, in a secluded ranch community less than thirty miles away from the crystalline waters and sugar-sand beaches of Anna Maria Island and Siesta Key on Florida’s gulf coast.



Website – Facebook – Twitter – Goodreads 




It’s Release Day: Prince Roman (1001 Dark Nights) by C.D. Reiss ~ Excerpt


From New York Times bestselling author CD Reiss, comes the sexy and passionate title…PRINCE ROMAN, a new novella brought to you by 1001 Dark Nights! Grab your copy of this amazing novella today!





Rules for my new job:
1) Do not have sex with a man in the office (again).
2) Do not break Rule #1


I’m playing it cool, clean, and professional…until I meet Roman Bianchi. He’s not an insecure nerd or an ego-hole like the other kings of Silicon Valley. He’s charming and handsome. He’s fun, funny, and smart.


He’s also in the office across the hall.


Two broken rules waiting to happen.
I can’t lose this job over some guy.
But Roman’s not just some guy. Under that suit and cocky smile, he’s a prince.





Grab your copy of PRINCE ROMAN today!

Amazon | Amazon UK Amazon Canada | Amazon AU




She hurried down the hall as if she’d just dodged three painful minutes in my company.

I shook it off. What was the difference? What was I trying to do here? Get my ass fired? Get her fired? There were dozens of women I could take to bed and absolutely no reason to focus on the one who could make my life and my job miserable.

But that body. The way she walked. The swing of her black hair across her back.

A female voice came from behind me. “There are rumors about that one.”

It was Marie Siska. Founding partner at Siska + Welton. She was in her early fifties and had her brown hair up in a tidy twist. She was a former litigator who had argued in front of the Ninth and had a way of knowing the intricacies of every case we handled.

“What kind of rumors?”

“The unsubstantiated kind.”

She invited me into my own office and closed the door behind us. I sat in front of my own desk, in one of the two guest chairs.

Marie’s lavender pants suit was custom made and she never sat down. She put her hands on the back of the second guest chair, pulling herself up a little as if she wanted to look taller.

“Barney and I have made a decision about you.”

I tried to look completely calm, but there was a pretty good chance my face froze over in the attempt.

“Let’s hear it.”

“Alexander Burke and Neuronet are your catch. If you go, he goes with you. That’s a plus in the senior partner column.”

I’d played MMPORGs with Burke way back in the day. All the zombie shooting had paid off. He was also a great guy and a badass gamer.

“But we’re a recent contract,” she continued. “And it’s short term. He can cut us loose any time for another outside contractor or to keep it all in-house. It’s fine. It’s part of the business, but a long-term retainer could be big for us. One third of future billing.”

“And my name would be one third of the ones on the letterhead.”

She did something she never did. She sat down in front of me. “I’ve wanted to be a lawyer ever since I saw a Senate debate on C-SPAN. We’re a small, classy operation with a stellar reputation. Classy and stellar were the goal, but small wasn’t. We should be litigating in front of the Supreme Court, and the reason we’re not is because we have to scratch and claw every quarter. We can’t take the chances we need to. I have ten or fifteen more years of active participation in this business before I can’t keep up, and it’s coming at me fast. We’ve tried to grow and it’s never stuck. This is our chance to turn this firm into what I dreamed about when I was ten. You are our chance.”

“No pressure.” 





C.D. Reiss is a USA Today bestseller. She still has to chop wood and carry water, which was buried in the fine print. Her lawyer is working it out with God but in the meantime, if you call and she doesn’t pick up, she’s at the well, hauling buckets.


Born in New York City, she moved to Hollywood, California to get her master’s degree in screenwriting from USC. In case you want to know, that went nowhere, but it did give her a big enough ego to write novels.


Critics have dubbed the books “poetic,” “literary,” and “hauntingly atmospheric,” which is flattering enough for her to put it in a bio, but embarrassing enough for her not to tell her husband, or he might think she’s some sort of braggart who’s too good to chop a cord of wood.


If you meet her in person, you should call her Christine.



Website | Facebook |  Twitter | Goodreads


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Angel’s Weekly & Buy The Books: 11/6 – 11/10


Nov. 7th, 2017



Renegades (Renegades #1) by Marissa Meyer
The Becoming of Noah Shaw (The Shaw Confessions #1) by Michelle Hodkin
Perfect Gravity (Tether #2) by Vivien Jackson
Highland Dragon Rebel (Dawn of the Highland Dragon #2) by Isabel Cooper
Snow Magic (Tales of the Were: A Were-Fey Love Story #2) by Bianca D’Arc
Wolf Hunter (Arctic Brotherhood #5) by Jane Godman
A Spoonful of Magic by Irene Radford
Rise of a Phoenix (Nix #3) by Shannon Mayer
Deja New (Insighter #2) by MaryJanice Davidson
Nauti Angel (Nauti #9) by Lora Leigh
Truth Be Told (Rogue Justice #2) by Kendra Elliot
Mistletoe Me, Baby (O’Connor Family #4) by Katie Reus
The Austen Escape by Katherine Reay
Holiday Wishes (Heartbreaker Bay #4.5) by Jill Shalvis
An Ex for Christmas (Love Unexpectedly #5) by Lauren Layne
The Right Kind of Reckless (Reckless Hearts #2) by Heather Van Fleet
Mocha and Murder (Mom and Christy’s Cozy Mysteries #4) by Christy Murphy
Every Breath You Take (Under Suspicion #5) by Mary Higgins Clark & Alafair Burke
A Late Frost (Orchard #11) by Sheila Connolly
Of Spice and Men (A Pancake House Mystery #3) by Sarah Fox
Eaves of Destruction (Fixer-Upper Mystery #5) by Kate Carlisle
Much Ado About Murder (Shakespeare in the Catskills Mystery #3) by Elizabeth J. Duncan
City of Lies (Counterfeit Lady #1) by Victoria Thompson
No Other Duke Will Do (Windham Brides #3) by Grace Burrowes
Someone to Wed (Westcott #3) by Mary Balogh
Third Son’s a Charm (The Survivors #1) by Shana Galen
To Marry a Texas Outlaw (Men of Legend #3) by Linda Broday



Nov. 9th, 2017




Mr. Peabody’s House (Werewolves, Vampires and Demons, Oh My #2) by Eve Langlais








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I was born and raised in Northern Indiana. I’m an outdoor sun loving reader living near San Fransisco. I’m a mother, wife, dog owner, animal, and book lover. I’m the owner, reviewer, and mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. My favorite animals are horses & dogs. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy. My favorite shifters are dragons!

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Angel’s Monthly Wrap Up – Oct. 2017



As you are reading this The Angel Clan will be on vacation in Florida, so for the first week and half of November the blog will be mostly quiet. I’ll share when I get back all the fun we had on our vacation.


As for October it has been a quiet month. I’ve been in a reading rut. Nothing new has intrigued me, so I’ve been listening to a lot of my favorite reads/series. I LOVE the Andrews team, Patricia Briggs, and Nalini Singh, so I deiced to give their books a try in audio. I’m really enjoying audiobooks. I wasn’t sure how I’d like them, but they have their advantages. As for reading it just hasn’t been my thing lately, but audios have grabbed me. I did a post on the blog here in October about Discovering Audiobooks. I asked for some audio advice on subscriptions. Thank you to everyone who commented. Since that post I’ve been picking up what I can at my library, but I also signed up to try out the 30 day free trial of Audible. I wanted to do Kobo, because they where cheeper, but they are like my library and don’t have all the audios in a series yet. Maybe I’ll switch to them once they get a bigger selection, who knows.


What else did we do in October. Oh ya, we went to see The LEGO Ninjago Movie (2017) together as a family in the theater. I had a migraine that day and so it wasn’t fun for me, but my son had a wonderful time. He was so happy!! AYSO soccer is going strong. My boy is getting better and having fun. Also Kindergarten has been fabulous! He loves it and I’m so happy he loves school.




October ends with a bang, a school halloween parade, a pirate grabbing for candy gold, & a balloon Ninjago. I hope everyone had a happy & safe halloween. My son’s school did a halloween parade and a party. Then we went out in the evening for trick-or-treating. 




For The Blog


Don’t miss out on the November Book Of Choice Giveaway Hop. I’m participating, so make sure to hop on over and enter, then check out the other stops for more chances at winning a 2017 November Release.



If you are an email subscriber I have an exclusive giveaway going on for the whole month of November. You could win a $10 Amazon GC. Sign-Up Now & Enter Daily Here!



I sent out a help wanted post for the Library Love Challenge. I’m hosting the challenge for the second time and would love to have one or two blogs host with me in 2018. If you are interested; shoot me an email and I’ll give you more details. 




The library is a great place to pick up books, movies, manga, audiobooks, magazines and more. I love my library and the freedom to borrow. This is October’s Library Love. 


Movies – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, The Angry Birds Movie, Hidden Figures




Audiobooks – Third Grave Dead Ahead, Must Love Hellhounds, Angels’ Blood, Slave to Sensation, Death Masks, Angels’ Flight, Visions Of Heat, Archangel’s Kiss, Caressed By Ice, White Hot, Magic Bleeds




Kid Books – Flap Your Wings, Frog and Toad Are Friends, Hooper Humperdink? Not Him!, Moo Who?, A Pet Named Sneaker, Tell Me About your Day Today, Tell Me Something Happy Before I Go to Sleep, Time for A Bath, And Then Comes Halloween, Ghosts in the House!, Trick-or-Treat!, Mittens, Where is Max?, Trick ARRR Treat, Waiting Is Not Easy!, Duck & Goose, Honk! Quack! Boo!, Goose on the Farm, The Very Fluffy Kitten, Papillon




Kid Movies – Lego Batman the Movie, Lego DC Comics Super Heroes, Lego Next Knights Season Two, Lego Scooby-Doo!: Blowout Beach Bash, Micky and the Roadster Racers Vol. 1, Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast, Transformers Rescue Bots (Return of the Heroes), Dora’s Rescue in Mermaid Kingdom, LEGO Ninja Rebooted, My Friends Tigger & Pooh: Super Duper Super Sleuths





 Make sure to double check $ pricing. Some books are still free while others are back to their original or sale price. 




Amazon Free – Ghoul of My Dreams, Rescuing Rayne, The Highlander’s Iron Will, Deader Homes and Gardens, Bitten by Love: Shifters in Love Romance Collection, Venom & Vanilla (Prime Member Freebie), GRIT, Caiden: Intergalactic Dating Agency




Amazon Bought – I love a good sale. I always try to wait for my favorite books to go on sale; before I purchase them: Ride Hard ($.99c), The Red Lily ($.99c), Wild & Sweet ($.99c), Ride Wild



Nook – B&N gave me more money back from the settlement and so I grabbed these books with that money: Magic Triumphs (Pre-Order), Magic Bleeds ($5.99), White Tiger ($1.99)




Audiobook – I signed up for the Audio Subscription & got 2 credits right away with my 30 day free trial, so I picked up Night Broken. I haven’t deiced on my second pick yet for my remaining credit. Before I subscribed to Audible I went onto the app and they offered me a FREE pick of any audiobook I wanted, so I grabbed Carrots. I have been wanting to try the Shelby Nicholas series for a while now. Also as a Prime Member they gave me for FREE Venom & Vanilla. I like the free goodies I got this month. 




Review Books

Thank you to the publishers, tour host, and authors for these lovely additions!


Author – Danger’s Vice by Amanda Carlson & Love of the Dragon by Anna Lowe





The only gift I won this month is Hot Pursuit by Julie Ann Walker from Sourcebooks via Under The Covers Book Blog.










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  • Release Day Blitz: Halloween is Murder by Carolyn Arnold
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  • Tour: Ruin of the Gods (The Elysium Legacies #3) by Erin Hayes ~ Giveaway/Excerpt
  • Tour: Light of the Spirit (The Muse Chronicles #4) by Lisa Kessler ~ Excerpt/Giveaway
  • Release Day Launch: Midnight Unleashed (Midnight Breed #14.7)(1001 Dark Nights) by Lara Adrian ~ Excerpt
  • Release Day/Giveaway: Once Upon a Ghost (Murder by Design #3) by Erin McCarthy
  • Release Day/Giveaway: Rescuing Bryn (Delta Force Heroes) by Susan Stoker
  • Cover Reveal: Cherish Hard (Hard Play #1) by Nalini Singh ~ Excerpt
  • Tour: Tarnished Journey (Soul Dance #4) by Ann Gimpel ~ Excerpt
  • Tour: Immortally Yours (Argeneau) by Lynsay Sands ~ Excerpt
  • Haunted Halloween Spooktacular: Evil’s Unlikely Assassin by Jenn Windrow ~ Giveaway
  • Release Day: Sleeper (Hunter #3) by Lexi Blake ~ Excerpt
  • Feature: Other Worlds Featuring Resisting Darkness by Amy L. Gale
  • Excerpt Tour: Ride Wild (Raven Riders #3) by Laura Kaye ~ Giveaway
  • Release Day Launch & Excerpt: Hallow Be the Haunt (Krewe of Hunters #22.5)(1001 Dark Nights) by Heather Graham
  • Tour: BRASH (Spartan Riders MC #4) by J.C. Valentine ~ Giveaway/Excerpt
  • Release Day: Call to Redemption (Team Poseidon #3) by Tawny Weber
  • Release Day Launch: 1001 Dark Nights: Bundle Twelve
  • Release Day: Ride Wild by Laura Kaye ~ Excerpt/Giveaway





Congratulations to all the winners!


Jeanne C. won the Swag Pack & Signed Book from Chloe Neill during The Hunt tour.
Denise S. won choice of a book from the Banned Book Hop and she picked If You Only Knew by M. William Phelps.
BookLady won a digital copy of Dance With The Devil during the book tour.
Linda H. won a digital copy of Rescuing Bryn during the book tour.
Jodi H. won a digital copy of Once Upon a Ghost during the book tour.
Megan S. won an eBook up to $5 from the Stuck In A Good Book Hop.
Febie won any October New Release from the Book of Choice Hop and she picked It Only Happens in the Movies by Holly Bourne.







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November Book of Choice Giveaway Hop ~ 1st – 15th


Welcome to the November Book of Choice Giveaway Hop!


I’m participating in the November Book of Choice Giveaway Hop hosted by FLYLeF.



I will be giving away any, yes, any November 2017 new release of your choice, up to $12. The giveaway is international, as long as The Book Depository ships there free of charge (find that out here!) And, if you are a US winner, I will most likely ship from Amazon – because it will be there for you sooner! If you prefer, an eCopy I will send a Kindle or Nook edition. (Please note: You may only chose ONE of these options!)


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I was born and raised in Northern Indiana. I’m an outdoor sun loving reader living near San Fransisco. I’m a mother, wife, dog owner, animal, and book lover. I’m the owner, reviewer, and mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. My favorite animals are horses & dogs. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy. My favorite shifters are dragons!

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Book Mail
Book Mail


Cora & Slider arrived on my doorstep today!
I've been waiting for Cora's story since book 1 and I'm excited to dive into Ride Wild by Laura Kaye

Guest Post: Christina Bauer (Wolves and Roses) ~ Giveaway


What Inspired Me To Write WOLVES AND ROSES


By Christina Bauer, Author


The amazing folks at Angel’s Guilty Pleasures have asked me to share what inspired me to write my upcoming young adult shifter fairy tale, WOLVES AND ROSES. Here goes!


I write quirky books. Right now, there’s my ANGELBOUND series in which a part-demon girl fights evil souls in Purgatory’s arena. She has a snarky attitude and tail. Not really a trend yet in YA. My BEHOLDER series is classic epic fantasy with a heroine who channels death magick. And again, YA Necromancer heroines aren’t exactly sweeping the nation.


So, I won’t lie. When I started writing WOLVES AND ROSES, I planned to sell out. I was about to pen a traditional adult werewolf romance. You know the kind of book with a chesty guy in the book cover who has a ton of tribal tattoos and sweaty skin? That’s the one. No more quirky, I told myself. Mainstream.


Then, I sat down to write WOLVES AND ROSES. The first scene came out of my head like this: There’s Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, the Evil Queen from Snow White, and Red Riding Hood…They’re in a basement in Midtown Manhattan…And they’re in a teen therapy group for girl who have failed their fairy tale life template. Not what I was planning at all.


But then, I thought “this is too weird not to exist.” So I wrote it. And I had a blast on every page. Once I finished the book, I was pretty sure my distributor would tell me to stick it. When they don’t like a title, you get the whole “wow, that’s interesting…we’ll see what retailers think.” It’s a nice way of saying they can’t sell it.


That didn’t happen with WOLEVS AND ROSES.


Instead, my disti pitched the book to Barnes & Noble and other major retailers. I’ve been amazed by the positive response so far. I keep waiting for everyone to say “just kidding” and pan it, but it hasn’t happened yet! We’ll see when the launch happens. Maybe weird is becoming mainstream, who knows?




The Fairy Tales of the Magicorum series continues with the novella MOONLIGHT AND MIDTOWN (spring 2018) and well as the full novel SHIFTERS AND GLYPHS (Fall 2018). Eight full novels are planned in total.


SERIES: Book 1 in the Fairy Tales of the Magicorum Series
GENRE: Young Adult Paranormal Romance
AVAILABILITY: On iBooks, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and GooglePlay
FORMAT: eBook (also print and audiobook)
LIST PRICE: $6.99 (eBook)




“If Janet Evanovich teamed with a young adult, fairy-tale author like Marissa Meyer (the Lunar Chronicles) or Alex Flinn (Beastly), the result might be something like Christina Bauer’s Wolves and Roses.” –Blue Ink Review


Seventeen-year-old Bryar Rose has a problem. She’s descended from one of the three magical races—shifters, fairies, or witches. That makes her one of the Magicorum, and Magicorum always follow a fairy tale life template. In Bryar’s case, that template should be Sleeping Beauty.


“Should” being the key word.


Trouble is, Bryar is nowhere near the sleeping beauty life template. Not even close. She doesn’t like birds or woodland creatures. She can’t sing. And she certainly can’t stand Prince Philpot, the so-called “His Highness of Hedge Funds” that her aunties want her to marry. Even worse, Bryar’s having recurring dreams of a bad boy hottie and is obsessed with finding papyri from ancient Egypt. What’s up with that?


All Bryar wants is to attend a regular high school with normal humans and forget all about shifters, fairies, witches, and the curse that Colonel Mallory the Magnificent placed on her. And she might be able to do just that–if only she can just keep her head down until her eighteenth birthday when the spell that’s ruined her life goes buh-bye.


But that plan gets turned upside down when Bryar Rose meets Knox, the bad boy who’s literally from her dreams. Knox is a powerful werewolf, and his presence in her life changes everything, and not just because he makes her knees turn into Jell-O. If Bryar can’t figure out who—or what—she really is, it might cost both her and Knox their lives… as well as jeopardize the very nature of magic itself.



Amazon – B&N – iBooks – Kobo 






Book 1: Wolves And Roses (Fall 2017)

Book 1.5: Moonlight And Midtown (Spring 2018)

Book 2: Shifters And Glyphs (Fall 2018)


Christina Bauer knows how to tell stories about kick-ass women. In her best selling Angelbound series, the heroine is a part-demon girl who loves to fight in Purgatory’s Arena and falls in love with a part-angel prince. This young adult best seller has driven more than 500,000 ebook downloads and 9,000 reviews on Goodreads and retailers.


Bauer has also told the story of the Women’s March on Washington by leading PR efforts for the Massachusetts Chapter. Her pre-event press release—the only one sent out on a major wire service—resulted in more than 19,000 global impressions and redistribution by over 350 different media entities including the Associated Press.


Christina graduated from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School with BA’s in English along with Television, Radio, and Film Production. She lives in Newton, MA with her husband, son, and semi-insane golden retriever, Ruby.



Blog – Facebook – Twitter: @CB_Bauer – Instagram – LinkedIn – Website 


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Tour-wide giveaway (INTL)

Win The Wolves and Roses Treasure Box

Bry’s Earrings

Rose Hair Clip

Signed Copy Of Wolves and Roses


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Release Day: Ride Wild by Laura Kaye ~ Excerpt/Giveaway


New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Laura Kaye brings you the third novel in her Raven Riders Series, RIDE WILD. A sexy contemporary romance series, and a spin-off from Laura’s Hard Ink world, about a different kind of motorcycle club with a protective missionThe Raven Riders Series takes you on an adventure and kicks it into overdrive! RIDE WILD is the hot and emotional story of a sexy single father wild with grief over the death of his wife several years before and the strong survivor he hires to be his nanny. Order your copy of RIDE WILD today!


About Ride Wild
(Raven Riders #3)

Brotherhood. Club. Family.
They live and ride by their own rules.
These are the Raven Riders…

Wild with grief over the death of his wife, Sam “Slider” Evans merely lives for his two sons. Nothing holds his interest anymore—not even riding his bike or his membership in the Raven Riders Motorcycle Club. But that all changes when he hires a new babysitter.


Recently freed from a bad situation by the Ravens, Cora Campbell is determined to bury the past. When Slider offers her a nanny position, she accepts, needing the security and time to figure out what she wants from life. Cora adores his sweet boys, but never expected the red-hot attraction to their brooding, sexy father. If only he would notice her…


Slider does see the beautiful, fun-loving woman he invited into his home. She makes him feel too much, and he both hates it and yearns for it. But when Cora witnesses something she shouldn’t have, the new lives they’ve only just discovered are threatened. Now Slider must claim—and protect—what’s his before it’s too late.



Order on Amazon | B&N | iBooks Kobo | Google





Animal rescue is a big part of the storyline of Ride Wild, and that’s something that’s close to Laura’s heart, so Laura’s giving to the cause by donating a portion of all preorders and sales through 11/5 to Noah’s Arks Rescue, a fantastic organization that serves as a source of inspiration for the book. When you grab your copy of RIDE WILD, you’re helping a great cause AND you’ll get a bonus story when you submit your order info, too!


Submit Your Order Info to Get A Bonus Story:


Learn More about Noah’s Arks:



And don’t miss all the books in the Raven Riders Series!


HARD AS STEEL now available
RIDE HARD now available
RIDE ROUGH now available
RIDE WILD now available




“Hey, Cora,” he said, his gravelly morning voice so damn sexy.


“Hey,” she said, tilting her head back to look him in the eye. She wondered if she should get off him, but didn’t really want to.


Not making any move to get up, Slider just looked down at her. “How you feeling?”


“A lot better,” she said, hyperaware that her hand was lying on his chest. His heartbeat faintly registered against her palm. “Still achy and a little off, but better.”


“Good. You should probably take it easy today, though. Whatever that was isn’t likely out of your system yet.”


She nodded. “I will.”


Talking like this, their faces so close, felt so damn intimate that Cora could almost imagine that nothing existed outside of Slider’s bed. She almost didn’t want it to. Especially when his arm squeezed a little tighter around her shoulders and brought them just a little closer. Cora shifted into his embrace, pressing her chest totally flush against his die, and sliding her thigh up until—


Oh, hell. Until she felt the part of him she’d accidentally seen. And it was hard.


He sucked in a breath, and his hand clamped around his thigh. “Shit, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean—”


She placed her fingers loosely over his mouth. She didn’t want him to apologize. Or explain it away. Or push her away.


Cora knew she shouldn’t wan the things she did, but that didn’t make her desires go away. It felt good to want Slider, it made her feel normal, even if she was a little nervous. After what her father had done, that seemed like a victory she didn’t want to relinquish.


And, oh, now that she was touching his face, she really didn’t want to stop. His lips were full and soft under her fingers, his stubble was more ticklish than prickly, and his cheekbone was prominent under his skin.


He licked his lips, and her gaze latched on to the movement.


“Cora,” he rasped, his cock getting even harder against her thigh.


His arousal fueled her own, her hips tilting with the need for friction. The movement had her grinding herself against the firm muscle of his thigh and made both of them suck in a breath. His grip tightened on her everywhere. His arm holding her tighter yet to him, his hand pulling her thigh wider across him.


Her fingers returned to his mouth again, and traced across his lower lip. His tongue flicked out and swiped at her pointer finger, and Cora was instantly wet. Trembling with need and adrenaline and the fear that at any second, he would cut this off, Cora shifted ever so slowly, ever so slightly, bringing her face closer to his. He watched her like she was a tigress about to strike, but just as her mouth almost reached his, he flipped them and pinned her to the bed.


And Cora realized she had it all wrong. He’d been the feral animal about to attack all along. 





Signed copies of RIDE HARD, RIDE ROUGH, and RIDE WILD for 2 winners!


a Rafflecopter giveaway



Laura is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over thirty books in contemporary and erotic romance and romantic suspense, including the Blasphemy, Hard Ink, and Raven Riders series. Growing up, Laura’s large extended family believed in the supernatural, and family lore involving angels, ghosts, and evil-eye curses cemented in Laura a life-long fascination with storytelling and all things paranormal. Laura also writes historical fiction as the NYT bestselling author, Laura Kamoie. She lives in Maryland with her husband and two daughters, and appreciates her view of the Chesapeake Bay every day.



Website | Facebook | Twitter | Newsletter Signup


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Release Day Launch: 1001 Dark Nights: Bundle Twelve


We are absolutely thrilled to bring you the Release Day Launch for 1001 Dark Nights: Bundle Twelve, brought to you by 1001 Dark Nights. Introducing Discovery Authors Nazarea Andrews and Megan Erickson, the Bundle contains 6 novellas, including novellas from New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors Alexandra Ivy, Laura Wright, Lorelei James, and Lara Adrian! Grab your copy of this incredible bundle today!



About 1001 Dark Nights: Bundle Twelve:


From New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors Alexandra Ivy, Laura Wright, Lorelei James, Lara Adrian, and introducing Nazarea Andrews and Megan Erickson. Six Dark Tales. Six Sensual Stories. Six Page Turners.

KAYDEN: A Bayou Heat Novella by Alexandra Ivy
Kayden is obsessed with revenge after his parents disappeared when he was just a cub. Now the gorgeous Hunter has discovered the man responsible for betraying them – Joshua Ford – and it’s time for payback. Beginning with the kidnapping of Joshua’s daughter, Bianca. But last thing he expects is to be confronted with the horrifying realization that Bianca is his mate. Will he put revenge before his chance for eternal happiness?


SIMON: Bayou Heat Novella by Laura Wright
Sexy male model, Simon refuses to give up his exciting life in New York City to return to the slow heat of the Wildlands. For a decade, many pantera have tried to capture the rogue Diplomat and bring him home, but all have failed. Now it’s Tryst’s turn. The hard, brilliant, and gorgeous, Hunter is the ultimate tracker. But can the admitted beast-girl of the Wildlands capture her prey without losing her heart in the process?


STRUNG UP: A Blacktop Cowboys Novella by Lorelei James
Rancher Creston Grant retreats from the world after he loses the love of his life….Can his former flame, rodeo cowboy Breck Christianson prove he’s a changed man who can give Cres a second chance at love?


MIDNIGHT UNTAMED: A Midnight Breed Novella by Lara Adrian

For Breed warrior Ettore Selvaggio, stealth assassinations are only one of his specialties. The last thing Savage expects to find behind enemy lines is a woman he once adored. It’s been years since Savage last saw Arabella Genova. Years he’s strived to banish to his past, along with the fierce desire he once felt toward Bella and the irresistible calling of her blood that stirs in him even now, despite the fact that she belongs to another male.


DIRTY SEXY SECRET by Nazarea Andrews
Even when you know better….
There are a million reasons why Hazel Campton is off limits: she’s a journalist. I’m a cop. Oh, and she’s my foster sister.
My secret is I didn’t care. I haven’t stopped wanting her since I slept with her the night before she left.
She’s trouble. Always has been.


It’s hard to resist the thing you’ve always wanted…
Growing up with Brandon Archer means I know him. Good. Bad. Everything in between.
It’s just never mattered.
My secret? That night. The one I stole, that’s kept me from Archer and Green County, for four years.
Now I’m home, and nothing has changed. Except me. And not in the way that means a damn thing.
Because I still want him.


Everything can change with a knock at the door…
Secrets. Everyone has them. Archer. Me. This town.
Perfection only runs surface deep in Green County. When there’s a knock

at me door, it’s a familiar face all covered in danger, and all those secrets we hide? They’re about to come tumbling out.


Roxy heads below the streets of Mission City to a vampire club, determined to give up her blood in exchange for much-needed cash. She has no idea that the handsome, brooding vampire she meets there will awaken desires she didn’t know she had, and will change her life forever…


Every Dark Nights tale is breathtakingly sexy and magically romantic.


Experience the 1001 Dark Nights: Bundle Twelve Here…


Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CAN | Amazon AU




About the 1001 Dark Nights: Bundle Twelve Authors


Alexandra Ivy is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. From Alexandra: “I’m not exactly sure when I fell in love with books. Probably on my mother’s knee listening to her read Dr. Seuss to me. I do remember that I was barely old enough to cross the street by myself when I discovered the delights of the local library.
Could anything be more wonderful than spending summer days surrounded by stacks of Nancy Drew mysteries? Over the years I fell in love with Victoria Holt, Jane Austen, Agatha Christie, and J.R.R. Tolkien just to name a few. I read poetry, essays, biographies, and plays. In fact, I read anything I could get my hands on.


Years later (no, I’m not admitting how many) I’m still an avid reader, and my tastes are still as varied as they were in my youth, which I suppose helps to explain why I enjoy writing regency historicals under the name of Deborah Raleigh, as well as my contemporary paranormals as Alexandra Ivy. For now that is enough to keep me busy, but who knows what the future might hold!


I do have a few other loves in my life besides reading and writing, the most important being my unbelievably patient husband, David, and my two sons, Chance and Alexander. Without their constant support and belief in me, I never could have been able to follow my dreams. They are truly my heroes.


Website | Facebook | Twitter


Laura Wright is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. From Laura: “Unlike many of my peers in the writing world, I wasn’t a writer or a reader until I left high school. During my youth I was into theater, song and dance, commercials and boys. I loved romance surely, but I had never read a romance novel until my late teens. With that said, I remember the day I did like it was a moment ago – my aunt gave me the Jude Deveraux novel, Knight in Shining Armor and I couldn’t put it down until the very last word. Then I went straight to the library and got another – then another until I’d read everything she’d ever written. After that, it was McNaught, Howard, Schone, Kleypas, and the Silhouette line, Desire. I instantly loved those emotional, sexy reads, so much so that I began to carve out ideas for my own stories, themes that were unique to me and moved me. In 1997 I enrolled in UCLA extension writing classes, met my mentor and critique partners and since have never stopped writing. I was committed then and I still am now; the need to tell my own romantic stories a full on obsession. My first manuscript was rejected, and though the second one was as well the editor who’d rejected it wanted to see something else from me. I had something (note to authors; always keep working, even after you’ve sent in a proposal) and sent it right away. The day I got the call telling me Desire wanted to buy Cinderella and the Playboy was the best day of my life. That is until I married my husband, and had my two beautiful children. But I must say, writing is much like motherhood – tough, grueling, surprising, delicious and for me, a dream come true.”


Website | Facebook


Lorelei James is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of contemporary erotic western romances set in the modern day Wild West and also contemporary erotic romances. Lorelei’s books have been nominated for and won the Romantic Times Reviewer’s choice Award, as well as the CAPA Award. Lorelei lives in western South Dakota with her family…and a whole closet full of cow girl boots.


From Lorelei: “Why do I have a particular fondness for all things western? Well, I’m a fourth generation South Dakotan, living in the Black Hills, which is chock-full of interesting characters, including cowboys, Indians, ranchers, and bikers. The geographical diversity of the surrounding area showcases mountains, plains, and badlands. Living in and writing about rural settings gives me a unique perspective, especially since I’m not writing historical westerns. Through my fictional world, I can show the ideals and the cowboy way of life are still very much alive.”


Website | Facebook | Twitter


Lara Adrian is the New York Times, USA Today and #1 internationally bestselling author of the Midnight Breed vampire romance series and seven award-winning, historical romances, previously released under the pen name Tina St. John.


Lara’s Midnight Breed series is available in hardcover, mass market paperback and e-book through Random House, and in limited edition through Doubleday Book Club, Rhapsody Book Club, Book of The Month, and the Science Fiction Book Club. Unabridged audio editions are available through Tantor Media, Random House Audio, Amazon, iTunes, etc. Lara’s new releases regularly appear on all of the key bestseller lists including including the New York TimesUSA TodayPublishers Weekly, Indiebound,, Barnes & Noble, etc. There are more than 2 million copies of the Midnight Breed novels in print in the United States.


Website | Facebook | Twitter


Nazarea Andrews (N to almost everyone) is an avid reader and tends to write the stories she wants to read. Which means she writes everything from zombies and dystopia to contemporary love stories.


When not writing, she can most often be found driving her kids to practice and burning dinner while she reads, or binge watching TV shows on Netflix. N loves chocolate, wine, and coffee almost as much as she loves books, but not quite as much as she loves her kids.


N is a self-professed geek and enjoys spending her spare time lost in her favorite fandoms and can often be found babbling about them on social media.


She lives in south Georgia with her husband, daughters, spoiled cat and overgrown dog. She is the author of World Without End series, Neverland Found, Edge of the Falls, and The University of Branton Series. Stop by her twitter (@NazareaAndrews) and tell her what fantastic book she should read next.


Website | Facebook | Twitter


Megan Erickson is a USA Today bestselling author of romance that sizzles. Her books have a touch of nerd, a dash of humor, and always have a happily ever after. A former journalist, she switched to fiction when she decided she likes writing her own endings better.


She lives in Pennsylvania with her very own nerdy husband and two kids. Although rather fun-sized, she’s been told she has a full-sized personality. When Megan isn’t writing, she’s either lounging with her two cats named after John Hughes characters or… thinking about writing.


For more, visit


Website | Facebook | Twitter


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Release Day: Call to Redemption (Team Poseidon #3) by Tawny Weber


The Poseidon team are hard-bodied, fiercely competitive Navy SEALs. But when a sensitive mission goes disastrously wrong, three of the team’s finest will have to trust their hearts and instincts to uncover the truth… 


No strings. No questions. Just pleasure. For a few blissful days, Lieutenant Commander Nic Savino is enjoying a wild fling with the sexiest stranger he’s ever laid eyes—or any other body part—on. It’s almost enough to make the stalwart SEAL let down his guard for once. Until he learns that assistant US attorney Darby Raye—his Darby—is heading an investigation designed to destroy him…and Poseidon.


The gorgeous eyes that Darby spent her nights gazing into are now glaring at her across a courtroom. This case could build her career, but if Nic’s not a traitor, then he’s being framed by forces powerful enough to eliminate every obstacle in their way. And the tentative trust she and Nic are rebuilding—as well as their very lives—could become collateral damage…




Author Website – Amazon – B&N – iBooks – Kobo – Harlequin 





New York Times and USA TODAY Bestselling author of more than forty books, Tawny Weber loves writing about sexy heroes, most notably her popular Navy SEALs series.  Her sassy, emotional romances are filled with men dedicated to being the best—and women determined to have the best.  Tawny credits her ex-military alpha husband for inspiration in her writing, and in her life.   The recipient of numerous writing accolades, including Romantic Times Reviewers Choice and in addition to the NY Times and USA Today bestseller lists, Tawny has also hit the number one spot on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


A homeschooling mom, Tawny enjoys scrapbooking, gardening and spending time with her family and dogs in her Northern California home.



Website | FacebookTwitter | PinterestGoodreads  


I’m Looking for Help in Hosting the Library Love Challenge




Bloggers if you are interested in hosting a reading challenge. I’m looking for someone to help me host the Library Love Challenge. 


If you are interested please email at tigerlilly_liz (at) hotmail (dot) com for more details. 


Check out last years library love challenge HERE




I was born and raised in Northern Indiana. I’m an outdoor sun loving reader living near San Fransisco. I’m a mother, wife, dog owner, animal, and book lover. I’m the owner, reviewer, and mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. My favorite animals are horses & dogs. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy. My favorite shifters are dragons!

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Review: Rendan (Dragons of Preor #4) by Celia Kyle as Erin Tate

Rendan (Scifi Alien Dragon Romance) (Dragons of Preor Book 4) - Celia Kyle, Erin Tate

Dragons of Preor #4
Celia Kyle as Erin Tate
Paranormal Romance - Science Fiction
August 2nd 2016


Violence is never the answer… unless you’re a Preor warrior.



Rendan sen Tarkan, Offense Master to the Preor Third Fleet, has found his human mate. She is small compared to him, but her curves, delicious scent, and sky blue eyes call out to his soul. He has waited for a female for over two centuries and he will fight—kill—any who dare attempt to take her. Even one of his own males.


One moment Carla Butler was unemployed and the next she was on the Preor battleship, working as a nurse for human-Preor mates. Oh, and the next moment? That was when she found her sexy, alien pink-scaled mate. Then she watched the muscular dragon shifter get beat to hell. And then she was assigned a condo in Preor Tower on Earth. The person in the condo next door? That sexy, alien pink-scaled male.


Learning about the proud alien warrior isn’t trouble free, but it’s easier than almost dying. Yeah, almost. But the Preor who tried to end her life? Well, he doesn’t quit easily. She only hopes Rendan is there to save her when the alien tries to end her life once again.


Part of the DRAGONS OF PREOR series:




Barnes & Noble




Rendan follows right on the heels of Kozav. It gives us conflict, prejudice, honesty, and love.


WOW. This one was emotional. Oh My! I really enjoyed this story. We get the back story for both our main characters which gives depth to them and their romance. Carla and Rendan both have suffered in one way or another. Rendan’s career makes things a little more difficult, but they eventually find their way.


The Knowing is what drives the series and helps these characters come together. Each story is different, the characters each have different pasts and issues to work through, the world building is gradually, and the romance is hot and steamy.


Rated: 4 Stars


Was this review helpful? If so, please consider liking it on Goodreads (Angela)!



Challenge(s): Pick Your Genre (PNR) Backlist Reader (2017)





I was born and raised in Northern Indiana. I’m an outdoor sun loving reader living near San Fransisco. I’m a mother, wife, dog owner, animal, and book lover. I’m the owner, reviewer, and mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. My favorite animals are horses & dogs. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy. My favorite shifters are dragons!

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2017 Library Love Challenge